Monday, July 4, 2011

Busy Monday: Carter the Crab Softie - "Bits 'n Pieces by Kerry Goulder"

Hi everyone,

Get your copy while it's hot! The latest issue (July/Aug 2011) of Crafts 'n things Magazine is a very special one this month! Not only is my sweet little Carter the Crab pattern available inside, but MY SISTER's awesome Terrarium tutorial is on the FRONT COVER!!! I was so excited for her and thought it was really fun for each of us to have a project in there at the same time!

As the magazine mentioned - spending summer months with my daughter's finding hermit crabs in the Maine waters have been nothing short of fun, relaxing & awe inspiring! What they didn't have room to mention, was how I wish I could bring them back to my days as a young girl crabbing off the docks at my grandparents house (named "PrattsBottom") in Bozman, Maryland. During cold winter months, I long for summer. I have a life long love of of the beach and all things found there.

I was told my grandmother made the best crab cakes - but I couldn't stand the smell or the taste - so I was content to disagree. Eventually my dad warned me that whatever I caught I had to eat (crabbing or fishing). So I got smart! I would wrap my chicken with string, sit on the dock, lower it in and wait for a crab to grab on. As soon as I had one on my line I'd pull him up slowly and carefully, get a really good long look at him, and then quickly shake him off before my dad could see that I had one! lol! They are just so beautiful to look at. Their coloring is exquisite!

I greatly miss those days sitting on the dock in Bozman. A tiny little town, where the peace surrounds you. I made this little Carter the Crab with those memories in mind. Special memories from my youth. The great thing about these little crabs - they don't bite...and even better than that - I don't have to eat any of them! But they are fun to make, and fun to play with!

I hope you enjoy making your Carter the Crab softies with my original pattern! Please let me know if you have any questions putting yours together! Have an awesome day!


Bea Skeens said... [Reply]

I tried this and the pieces are so small that it is too hard to turn inside out. The edge gets frayed. Do I have to use a special fabric? Do I enlarge the pieces?

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