Monday, September 12, 2011

Busy Monday: Reversible PumpKat Softies


Hope this little PumpKat didn't scare you! Get your copy before it's gone!  The latest issue (Sept/Oct 2011) of Crafts 'n things Magazine is out on stands...or sold out - so run don't walk to get your copy now!

This year for halloween I couldn't decide if I wanted the pattern to be a Jack-o-Lantern or a Black Scaredy Cat! So it became a little of each! Just like some years...most years, my girls can't decided what they want to be for Halloween...until the last minute! Yikes!

By following the simple, sew as you go, concept in the instructions, you can to make this reversible PumpKat for your fall festive table decorations this year! Give them faces or let the fabric do all the talking. Make just one, or make as many as you please. You can even enlarge it to make a really bold...huge statement! No matter what you do...have fun and enjoy the fall season that is quickly approaching!

When you are done making your PumpKat, please head on over to my Kid Giddy Flickr group and post your pictures for all to share. I'm going to start highlighting some of you crafty folks that are posting in there! Please let me know if you have any questions putting yours together! Have an awesome week!


Anonymous said... [Reply]

OMGosh! On an insomnia induced whim I decided to go back on your blog to see if there are any little guys I have missed and might want to sew up and found a post from 2009 about all things Little Red Riding Hood. And that leads me to this: When I saw the pumkat it reminded me of this doll my Grandma had when I was very little that was a Little Red Riding Hood that turned over into the Big Bad Wolf in Grandma's dress. I loved that doll but dont know whatever happened to it. Grandma has sinced passed on but I still remember that doll every now and then. Have you ever seen one? Consider using your talent to pattern one??? Heehee!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Me again, now that im googling it and looking mabye it was grandma on the flip side but some reason I remember it being the wolf. Like that idea better anyway. haha. Vintage dolls selling for $90 but still would like to make one someday. Just talking here. :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Ok last one on subject. So many to choose from and buy. Hmmm...cant belive I never googled it before. I think I just liked my memory of it. There are some cute ones out there. But my favorite is the one where its Red, flip to Grandma then flip Grandmas bonnet to the wolf. That was it!!

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]

Tess - you are hysterical!!! I will consider it - but please know it will take some serious brain power and time! Thanks for the chuckle today! - kg

Mary Ann said... [Reply]

I've seen this done with English Paper-Piecing! Your way looks MUCH more appealing! Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

where do i find the pattern for this flip pillow??

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]

Currently it is available on the Crafts 'n things website, but not for much longer.

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