Friday, November 4, 2011

Random thoughts

I've been sitting at my computer for way too long, doing absolutely nothing of worth. I feel like I'm toast. I've been sewing like crazy, to get my goods in a local shop, made some costumes (still need to post those pics) and volunteering at my daughter's schools.

Some days I have a blog post idea, but I know it will take at least an hour or longer, and then lose my motivation. Then there's the having to sew, in which case, I'd shut down my computer just to stay off of it! I have so much to share with you, and no time to do it. But have no fear, this weekend I will be going through much of my blog re-design process and hope it will be finished by Monday. I can't wait to show you what I've been up to lately, and hear your thoughts on the fresh, new, kid giddy blog look!

If you are here, reading any of my posts, won't you please leave me a little comment below. Sometimes I don't bother to post, because I feel like no one is reading. When I started this blog, I actually did it for my daughters. I wanted to share my life, talents, and accomplishments with them, because I don't journal enough. I figured this would act as my journal. I have to admit though, now, it would be lovely knowing others are reading it too, out of pure enjoyment and curiosity! So that's really it for today. No pictures. No flashy fonts and colors. Just thoughts. See you soon. I think I need a nap! -kg


Anonymous said... [Reply]

well of course your momma is reading... so there's at least one person who is waiting for you to wake up from your nap, take a break from sewing and volunteering, and post something new! :)

lauren bergman said... [Reply]

Hi Kerry,
I can't wait to see the re-design! One of my New Year's resolution (starting right now) is to leave comments on posts I enjoy as I travel through the blog world. I never realized before how easy and welcome it is! Oh - and how CUTE is your polar bear?! Congrats!!

leah of sang the bird said... [Reply]

Hi, I just wanted to pop in and say how awesome and encouraging you are! I know that feeling of wondering whether anyone is reading your blog...
I hope your nap was reviving....
-leah x

Heidi said... [Reply]

Hey KG! I'm reading! :) Also, I so know the crazyness of trying to live life *and* write about it. Sometimes, the writing it part just has to go, if the living it part is going to work!

I'm looking forward to your new look, and the costume pix! Please, please, please! :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Hi Kerry - I love the new header and 2-column format!

It is hard to stay motivated when you think no one is reading. I read a lot of blogs but have a bad habit of not commenting, which is something I'm trying to work on. When you don't get a lot of comments it sometimes seems like no one is reading.

You have over 400 followers on your Google Friend list. They're reading your blog! Keeping that in mind will help you stay motivated to continue writing.

Sorry, a little long winded, but I just wanted to give you my 2 cents worth and also let you know that I love the changes you've made so far. Looks great.


chevronsarah said... [Reply]

love the new header kerry! and thanks for stopping by my site a few days ago :)

Ada (new York) said... [Reply]

Hi Kerry. I hope u had a GREAT nap .. waking up to all these new comments :) I LOOOOOOVE ur header. So cute! I am going to look at your other posts now. I look fwd to staying in touch via our blog + so glad i found ur site through BYW (yaaaay!).

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Hi Kerry: I know what you mean about wanting more time to blog and then having lots of other things to do instead. I like the clean look of your blog and wanted to thank you for visiting my blog recently. I just submitted a request to join the BYW Facebook group and then I'll stay connected. CONGRATULATIONS on being one of the top BYW forum commenters. You go, girl!

lauren bergman said... [Reply]

Ok - I thought I loved your header before, but, WOW! This is fantastic!!

Noreen Sullivan said... [Reply]

Hi Kerry,

It's been great meeting you at byw. Remember when my header was so huge you had to page down to see the posts? Learned how to fix it! I've been checking on you every couple of days, so know that I'm here.


Laura said... [Reply]


it looks really great here now! Fantastic banner! Congratulations!

I think I'll send you a message to get a few tips!

Laura (from BYW)

Lauren said... [Reply]

Your blog has come a long way since we started BYW! Where do you find the time!! I'm totally impressed with everything you manage to do! And I know what you mean about the comment thing to. SO many people say to me (or to my mom!), "love your blog!" but never comment. And honestly, I've been guilty of that too. If I want participants in the conversation, I have to be a better participant too. Just something else I learned in BYW! Looking forward to "keeping in touch!" xo

Food, Wine and Creative Musings said... [Reply]

Congrats on your Shout Out and being reconized on the Blogging your way course. Love your blog.

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