Friday, April 5, 2013

A Little Mood Board Inspiration

I made this inspiration board or mood board last year while taking the online "blogging your way" course with Holly Becker of decor8. One of the first "assignments" was to make a mood board to help realize or confirm what colors we love and textures and patterns. I already knew what I loved, but wanted to have fun putting it all together anyway.

I was in the thick of my book proposal at the time, and never posted these pics...but they are still so true for me, even a year later! I walked around my house, and my craft room gathering all the little things that inspire me. These colors have always been favorites, especially the green. I think these will always be 'my colors'. The flowers remind me of all that is good in this world. That God has created so many beautiful things for us to see an be inspired by on a daily basis.

I love pearls (another one of God's amazing creations starting from a tiny grain of sand & it's my birth stone) and almost anything silver (I pretty much never wear gold). The little wooden figurine was in a little plastic bag at an antique shop with some buttons and old watch faces. I bought the whole bag just for her. My Grandpop used to whittle wooden heads and she just got me thinking about him. Someone carved her by hand, so I couldn't leave her in a plastic bag. I just had to bring her home. I also love fabrics. I don't like old school calico florals or big heavy dark ones - but these new, fresh beautiful flower prints (Painted Mums, and Church Flowers) from Heather Bailey and the bold Marimekko floral underneath (as seen in first pic) - blow me away. What's not to love. Seriously. 

I made this bird, early in 2011, which was in the April Crafts n' things Magazine issue with the mommy birdie and their two little babies. I love Tufted Titmouse birds and could watch them all day long. I love almost all birds. We get quite a few in our back yard bird feeder along with a funny little red squirrel. When I move my studio space upstairs above the garage, I'm going to have to get a couple of really tall bird feeders - or some little ones to suction to the windows!

Unfortunately these tiny booties never graced my little girls feet....I bought them because they were so sweet and a great reminder that my girls will grow quickly and to enjoy every step of the process, even on the really hard days (like when they would rather read Harry Potter instead of the Scriptures). The wooden deer necklace was from Target a few years ago and calling my name. I love wood. I love deer, and this was just perfect.

Show me a person that doesn't love beach glass. I think it's amazing and believe each piece could tell it's own story of how it began and all about it's travels! I remember collecting beach glass from my grandparents beach house in Greenport Long Island, NY. Morning was the best time to go, and the royal blue, or purple was the most rare. We would walk along the shore with Granny and collect beach glass, tiny shells, jingle shells, and clam shells for her craft fairs. She had jars of beach glass all sorted by color. It must have taken her many years and many walks along the beach to collect that much.

And just because he's only showing his foot in this pic, doesn't mean I love him any less. Kermit is the man - seriously. I don't know where I got this kermit doll from - but have had it for at least 21 years now! I have always had a thing for frogs. Kermit was the coolest one - he has always been a great reminder to me that it's not always easy....being who we are.

That is my mood board. This is what inspires me, and yet this only scratches the surface. What inspires you? Have you done a mood board before? If not - I challenge you to do one. I hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by.


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