Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sewing Tales Book Blog Hop Sponsors

The fun begins next week in just 2 more days. Are you ready? I am. Before all the fun starts...I'd like to post a shout out to my 5 amazing Sewing Tales Book Blog Hop sponsors and thank them for their generous support:  Fairfield, Dritz, Fiskars, Bosal Foam, and Free Spirit Fabrics.

The 20 bloggers in next weeks hop received the items listed below, from the following Sewing Tales Book Blog Hop sponsors. These products are my go to products for all things sewing and pattern making and you'll find them with me whereever I go.

I sought out these amazing products to send to the blog hop participants, because I had no way of knowing what tools they would have and what they wouldn't have. I wanted to make sure that each person would have the tools they needed to make their project most successful. If you come into my studio or catch me off at Quilt Market - you'll find many of these tools on my tables or with me in my little pouch. I rarely leave home without them (unless they are too big, in which case they have to stay home alone - oh sad). These really are just a few of my favorite things.

I have linked back to the sponsors websites and will add the Amazon links if you have a hard time finding them in a store near you. Although I was given product for free to give to the bloggers (for free), the opinions are my own...and I won't get paid any affiliate funds through the companies themselves or Amazon (because I live in Maine and the folks here made a law against affiliate pay outs from Amazon). Some of these items can be purchased through the manufacturer's online store or other online retailers. Please let me know if you have a hard time finding anything and I will get you in touch with a place to purchase or the company if necessary.

1. Quick Turn Tools, 2. Bodkin, 3. Seam Ripper, 4. Doll Needles, 5. Craft Needles, 6. Straight Ball Pins, 7. Fabric Marking Pen, 8. Bamboo Point Turner

1. RazorEdge Fabric Shears (9”) & 2. Easy Action MicroTip Scissors

Create-A-Pattern paper
4 Fat Quarters of Heather Bailey's new Lottie Da fabric

If you haven't already, please click that link below and sign up to receive my newsletters. Have a great weekend and see you Monday the 4th for the start of the Sewing Tales Book Blog Hop.


SewCalGal said... [Reply]

All great products. I'm looking forward to your book blog hop next week.


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