Friday, April 11, 2014

Infinity Fabric Cone Bracelet Free Tutorial

Got Scraps? Try this scrappy fabric bracelet on for size. I made this bracelet tutorial for the Craft Industry Today magazine last year but never posted it here on my blog until now, whoops. I receive many compliments every time I wear them. They add color to any outfit, are really easy to make, and great for scrap busting - so make as many as you want!

What you'll need:
Print a copy of the PDF pattern - click here for the google doc
Fabric of your choice. 2 Fat Quarters can make 2 8" bracelets or use scraps.
Thread color of choice
¾” Non-rolling Elastic cut to desired length
Regular Scissors & Pinking Shears
Sewing Machine
NOTE: Seam allowance is 1/4" unless other wise noted.

What you'll do:
Prep: Measure your wrist and hand to determine the length of the bracelet you will want
to make. The elastic should be cut so they are 1" longer than the length your hand
measured (this will keep it loose not tight). Cut out 2 cone pieces for every inch of the
finished bracelet length. (To get over my hand is 8”, I cut my elastic to 9” to cover the
overlap at the end and to prevent it from being too tight). When cutting, the curved edge
of the cone, and the two sides should be cut with the pinking shears, and the 3 inside
edges, should be cut with straight scissors.

Step 1: Make all of your cone pieces by folding them in half, right sides together and sewing
the raw edge.

Step 2: Keeping the cones wrong side out and slip them onto the elastic strap alternating
colors or patterns. The seam edge of the cones should be centered on the top of the
strap. Sew the first cone piece to the elastic leaving ½” – ¾” at the end of the elastic
to connect to the other end.

Step 3: Sew all of the cone pieces to the strap with a ½” in between each piece.

Step 4: With the last cone on the elastic, overlap both ends of the elastic and sew together.

Step 5: Wiggle the final cone in place, just over the sewn elastic ends, and sew it in place.

Step 6: Flip all the cones over so they are right sides facing out.

Alternative Options:
1) To make it fuller, use 3 or 4 cones for every inch.
2) If you are making a necklace, scarf or belt, you can shrink and use the same pattern, and use a thinner elastic or soft but sturdy cording.
3) If you make a belt and want to have the cones all hanging down ward, make sure the cones are sewn in the opposite direction at the half-way point.

The more you wear your bracelet, the softer the edges will get. If you have any questions while making your bracelet or any of the other adapted accessories, please leave a comment below. After you make some - please share some pics and tag me @kidgiddy on instagram or twitter and use the hashtag #kidgiddysewing!


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