Monday, April 7, 2014

Kid Giddy Studio Series Part 2

I know - it's been forever since I posted the Studio Series Part 1, but at the time of renovations we were pretty much "out of our minds crazy", as well as craving some sort of privacy. I got to the point where I had so many people coming and going through my house for 8 months and couldn't post more pics and feel like I had more eyes on the inside. When I should've been writing the part 2 post, it was also a very difficult time because one of the guys that had been working on our house renovations, was in a severe car accident. I was truly at a loss for words, couldn't celebrate the blessings of our new studio, when another person was literally clinging for life, so I hope us needing and wanting privacy doesn't come across as rude.

Now that much time has passed, I felt like it was too late to post the series - but after some convincing from JJ Heller on instagram, I decided to keep at it and show all the durings - so I can show you the before and after (which is killer). I'm feeling like I can finally "open the doors" for a peek inside the rest of the transformation. As the studio began to take shape, the entryway began to be torn apart, and opened up to make room for the stairs up to the new space.
This is the back side of the studio. The wall to the left is a small wall with a window and down inside you can see the small bits of our cozy away room.

This is Cameron. He's rather quite - but not really. I think he wants people to think that, so when I caught him in a talkative mood - it was fun to chat with him. This is when they were taking the roof off of our breezeway, to make room for the entryway stairs. I don't recall the guy in the red shirt - he was only here a couple of times.

This is the view from the front outside. The tarps made a tremendously loud noise during every windy and stormy night - often keeping us awake. Drove us nuts - but we counted the days, knowing it would all be worth it.

This is Paul in the torn apart breezeway. He's the guy that I would swear was from NY every time he talked - but he's from Maine. The door leading into the house was covered in plastic - the only barrier from all the dust and chaos (and no lock). The space where the ladder is - is all new space. It was never there and will be the staircase and bookwall. Yeah!

This is Paul again. Breaks my heart to see this picture, as he was the one in the terrible car accident.  I was talking to him about how crazy they were to be up on roofs - they had no fear - at all. His response was most likely "what? this is nothing" or "what - you're kidding right"? Such a funny guy. He's on the tongue & groove ceiling in the entryway.

This is the inside tongue and groove ceiling with metal collar ties. We wanted 3 major things in this renovation - wood, metal and stone. This def satisfies the wood and metal. The wall right there was my old bedroom window.

My girls look so little in these pics. This is my oldest and she always questions why I'm taking pics. This was their whole life last year. These things should be recorded too. It was total chaos everyday.

Each day my girls came home from school everyday, there was something new to see and discover. They marveled at the drastic changes in the beginning, and remained in awe as things took their new form. This is my youngest in the back of the studio where the stairs used to be from the garage up to the empty space. This hole was finally covered up.

I think this is Paul on the ladder and Kyle in the bottom valley of the soon to be roof line. We have a full entryway ceiling and temp stairs at this point. So excited to see more progress.

The longer these guys are working in your house - in such a personal space - they become part of your family. You just can't stop it from happening. It amazes me how hard they all worked to make this space for us. To make our home our dreams come true. Giving them hot cocoa, fresh chocolate chip cookies out of the oven, chicken noodle soup in the winter, and ice pops or simple ice water in the summer, never seemed like enough. I'm so thankful everyday for all they did and still to this day my heart breaks for Paul and his family. His recovery has been miraculous - but is still a very long and difficult road. I know you don't know him - and I can honestly say I only knew him as much as he worked at my house. But I know he loves McD's Apple pies - and I still owe him a homemade one (I told him I refused to buy him a McD's one - but would be happy to make him an awesome homemade pie - to which he has agreed to wholeheartedly). I know he will happily capture a bat in the middle of the night (according to the story he told me). I know he has an amazing wife and awesome kids, because he talked about them all the time. I know his smile lights up a room, he can make anyone laugh, and his compassion is worthy of emulation. If want to learn more about him and his recovery - you can here at Paul's YouCaring website. If you are so moved to donate to his family, to help with their medical expenses - I know it will be appreciated and blessings will come to you. If all you can offer is prayers - that's awesome too. Thank you!

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what's new....I will have more studio update pics soon - so be on the look out. I hope you all have a great Monday!


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