Monday, April 21, 2014

Sewing Tales with Felt

Do you sew with felt? I don't normally. I love quilters cotton - the feel, the smell (you know you do too) and all the bright amazing colors and patterns just can't compare. The durability is great too - so that is what I have always loved to create with. Finally I decided to step out of my self made comfort box and have some fun sewing with felt. The verdict - I'd do it again.

A while ago I contacted National Non-Wovens (not an affiliate link) for some color samples of their felt. I had randomly used their felt in the past, that I had purchased at a craft store. This time I wanted make some Sewing Tales projects from my book, as well as bonus projects like the Canoe, and try out the feel of their wool and bamboo blends too. This is not a review of the wool and is not a sponsored post. They sent me some samples and I love working with it. I enjoyed working with good quality felt so if you haven't tried it yet - you should. It's good to break out of our boxes - right?

The polar bear cub was made with the Xotic Felt (bamboo/rayon blend) which feels amazing (again just my opinion) my girls want a bigger cub in this felt to cuddle with. I cut out the tiny pieces and began to sew it together. By the time I had gotten to needing the ears and the tail I realized I wouldn't be able to move the pieces under the foot to stitch the curve because the ears were all the way under the foot.
I cut some little rectangle pieces longer than needed and stitch the ears and tail. After sewing it as a larger piece, I was able to cut it out and turn the pieces right side out so much easier.
The little teeny tiny bump on the left - is the same size as the piece from the pattern - so you can see it was impossible to get a usable ear from it. I actually felt like a dork for not realizing sooner that would happen - but oh well. The ears worked so much easier sewn longer and then cut down to size.

If you don't have turning tools - there's no way you'll be able to turn it right side out. I actually had to say quite a few prayers and probably had a few beads of sweat above my brows thinking it was too small to turn or I'd rip the fabric. I only went through the seam once (but it was actually in between stitches) whew!

Before attempting the tiny polar cub - I tested the same felt with a somewhat larger project (the Edie the Light Bulb from my book (still using the pattern size as printed in the back [not enlarged]). The white one went together really well. I'm still working on the other colors - so I'll post more pics once I finish the project for quilt market.

After working with felt - for these Sewing Tales projects - I almost had a desire to write a whole book with some fun felt projects. Almost. Not yet though. I will def stew on it and see what comes to mind. Until then - if you are going to try sewing some projects from Sewing Tales with yummy wool and bamboo(blend) felt - have fun - and please share some pics.

Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by.


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I love National Nonwovens Feltd. The projects you did with them are fantastic!

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