Monday, November 7, 2016

A Foxy Giveaway

Good afternoon and Good morning depending on your time zone...

I have a fun announcement to share. Sizzix is hosting an awesome Kid Giddy Fox Die giveaway on their Facebook page. You can click on the link above for all the details. But while you are here...check out some of the awesome things the Kid Giddy Fox die can do!

The Fox die comes with all the pieces you need to make the Party fox (as shown above). The hat can be made into a witches hat, or a Santa hat too and the balloons can be sewn onto some cardstock for some cute birthday cards (or other special occasion). Of course you can make him without all the bells and whistles too (as shown below) - a perfect friend to play out in the yard with during the fall season...but that is not all.
You can also mix and match the Fox and Kid Giddy Doll die pieces to make even more combinations. Crazy fun right?! I love using the Fox arms and legs on the doll die (like I did on the Bubbles Doll below) and using the Fox body for a fuller figure (like a Santa doll). They can mix and match perfectly because the neck width is the exact same.

Here's the Santa Doll (the body and his hat are both from the Fox die).

There are truly so many possibilities with the Kid Giddy Fox die and even more when used with the Kid Giddy Doll die. So head on over to the Sizzix Facebook Page for your chance to win my Kid Giddy Fox Die!


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