Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Say Hello to the New Dog Block Series Puppies!

Back in August I released three new #DogBlockSeries puppies. The Saint Bernard, the Standard Poodle and the cutest little Mini Poodle (or Teacup Poodle)! All of these patterns we're created in EQ8 and are companions to the other 10" x 10" Dog Block Series pups and fit nicely into the Doggy into the Window Quilt.

First up, the Saint Bernard. I started designing this Saint Bernard puppy in the new Electric Quilt Company EQ8 program, back in November but then sadly put it on the back burner when I got strep just after Thanksgiving. But he’s finally done and I’m so excited. One of my favorite stuffed animals as a child was my Saint Bernard with a barrel piggy bank attached to his collar. I wish I still had him, but now I’ve got this paper piecing pattern to remember him by. You can make the Saint Bernard with or without the barrel. The St. Bernard below was sewn by one of my testers Robin Gump (@SeamedToBe), and I love her fabric choices!

The Standard Poodle Block is up next...it comes with a collar and dog tag, but also comes with an extra (simplified) foundation paper piecing neck piece, and applique pieces for a collar and extra dog tags. This makes the block a little easier to make, but leaves room for a lot of opportunity to add your own touch of personality. The white Standard Poodle (sewn by Tori - @cloudtori) was made with all of the dog collar and dog tag block pieces.

Robin Gump (@seamedtobe) chose to sew her Standard Poodle dog block with the paper pieced dog collar (and not the dog tag), but added the dog bone dog tag using a raw edge applique technique. Don't they look so cute?!

Last but not least, is the littlest dog block in the whole series (so far), is the Mini Poodle. The Mini Poodle can sit along the bottom edge (just like all of the other pups in the #dogblockseries), and for a fun bonus, the Mini Poodle can also sit in a little teacup! 

These two samples, were sewn by my other testers, Kristi (@SchnitzelandBoo) and Laura (@LauraAust). You can see Kristi made hers so it looks like the bowl has a top rim, and the paws come over the edge. While Laura sewed her puppy with the paws on the top edge of the teacup (without a rim). There's always a new way to make it just right for you. I love seeing all the experiments!

What do you think? I hope you can find a puppy to love in my #dogblockseries! I will continue to make new dog blocks. Don't see your favorite here? Let me know what your favorite dog is so I can add it to my list. You never know, your dog could be next. 

Just a reminder that Electric Quilt has come out with two new EQ8 Designing Quilts books where you can learn all the tricks and tips from EQ8 designers. My tutorial is included in the new book below. See that Sailboat Ship block on the back cover of the book? I'll teach you how to design the Sailboat Ship block and quilt using my very own photo, step by step! You can grab your copy at Electric Quilt (and make sure you use the code "EQ8Kerry" to save 20%.
I've got three new quilt designs coming soon that are still being edited but keep an eye out on those new releases too. Hopefully these pups can keep us all busy sewing for a bit until I can release the next puppies. Do you have a favorite? Is there a design you are pulling for? Maybe it's a new block I've got in the works, or can add to the future list?! Let me know in the comments below!Thanks so much for stopping by, please be sure to sign up for the Kid Giddy newsletter by clicking the link below....


Disclosure: As a brand ambassador for the Electric Quilt Company, I received EQ8 program for free, but the opinions and comments provided are always my own.


Linda Bick said... [Reply]

These are soooooo cute! I love all dogs!

L. Jones said... [Reply]

German shepherd & bulldog

Cheryl said... [Reply]

Border collie and Austraian shepherd. What a wonderful Christmas present these would make framed.

Kristin M said... [Reply]

German Shepherd is my favorite! These designs look great and I really enjoyed the sailboat tutorial in the EQ8 book.

ncredbird said... [Reply]

Yorkshire Terrier

Unknown said... [Reply]

sheltie and chow

Wanda Jewell said... [Reply]

Boxer, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, PUG and Griffon

Barbara Lee said... [Reply]

Boston Terrier

Susie Quilter said... [Reply]

Is there somewhere I can find the dog patterns above, or is there an EQ Project?
Susan Gardner

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