Monday, January 4, 2010

Busy Monday: Organizing Your To Do List

Have you ever heard of FranklinCovey? (yes - the calendars, the planners, etc) basically the most organized of all organized! I'm pretty sure I need to be trained by Franklin himself...and since that's not possible - I should definitely take up matters with Stephen Covey and develop my 7 habits so I can be highly successful!

If you have never checked out the FranklinCovey website - I suggest you do so. If this is the year you want to be organized and get all the things done that you need to get done - this is where to start. I'm not telling you to go out and buy a planner - but there are a ton of freebie resources & downloads to choose from and to get you started!While you are on their website you can download a free 31 day trial of their planner (click that freebie link above). All you have to give them is your name and email address. They don't ask for address, phone or form of payment. So really - it's free! (I love a bargain!). Within the free 31 day planner - you can write your mission statement with the help of a few questions. So really - what are you waiting for? I can't tell you any better than this website can tell you how to get better organized with your to do list. Oh - and while you are at it - they offer a little stress management test and you can sign up for some free the one on Jan 13th - "Achieving your Highest Priorities".

If you've tried FranklinCovey - I'd love for you to share your thoughts in the comments below. If you've had success with another style/system - I'd also love to know! This is not a paid endorsement. It's just a couple links to some really great resources! Happy planning! See you tomorrow for a little This 'n' That! -kg


Anonymous said... [Reply]

I can't live without my monthly planner...I don't start my day without it and it has most definately been my source of organizational maintenance and all the "don't forgets!" in my life.... I remember my sons GYM day, everyone's BIRTHDAY, Travel dates, Dr. appt., dinner plans/weekly meals, you name it, I don't miss anything..besides I can make plans for months in advance by having the whole year right there at my fingertips; weekend getaways, who's playing a free show in town, dinner dates, fundraisers, spa weekends... Franklin Covey is a must have for everyone! Thank you KG for reminding us how easy it is to get, Be and STAY organized! ~ Gumdrop

Miss Chevious Designs said... [Reply]

This will help me a lot in my never ending (and often unsuccessful) mission to reack organizational bliss!

Gallery32 said... [Reply]

I so need to get organized. Thanks for the link. I love FREE stuff :)

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