Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Edible Wednesday: CinnaPops

Ok - so they (Artisan Bread in Five) gave me the idea to make these CinnaPops....when I saw their post about making Pizza on a Stick...Talk about eye candy people!!! Don't these looks fabulous?
So - to get the Pizza on a Stick recipe - go here....and to get creative - try my CinnaPops with this easy peasy recipe!!!
  • Get a ball of fresh pizza dough from your local pizza shop or grocery store. Put it in a bowl with olive oil, cover with plastic wrap, and let rise to double it's size.
  • On a clean surface (would you really use a dirty one?)....Press it out from the center working your way around. Your dough should not be sticky - if it is - have some flour near by - but the olive oil should do the trick.Keep pressing until you have a nice huge rectangle. The thinner you go - the more you will roll it up in the end.
  • Melt a half a stick of butter (yeah - I never said they were healthy!)...and spread that all around with a basting brush (evenly). (if you like your layers thick - use less butter).
  • In a shaking container (or you can spend way too much money and buy it this way) mix sugar and cinnamon to your liking. I mix a one to one ratio (1/4 cup of each)! With all the butter - the least I can do is cut down on the sugar - right? Sprinkle, evenly coating the whole thing.
  • When you are done with that - roll from the back forward and working your way from one end of the roll to the other and back. Pinch closed when you get to the edge. Cut in the center, and keep cutting each section in half until you have about 16 rolls.
  • Lay parchment paper down on your pan for easier clean up and use a pan with sides so the butter won't drip out and create a fire hazard. Spread them out evenly - warm your oven to 350 degrees - bake until golden brown about 15 min. (Oven times may vary).
  • DO NOT put the sticks in the oven to bake. The sticks can be put in after taking them out of the oven to cool. You can get the sticks where ever they sell Candy, Chocolate or cake making supplies. 100 for about $6 is not horrible - but if you bring a 40 or 50% off coupon it's a great deal!
I made these for my daughter's classroom snack at school recently, and come to find out they were an absolute hit with all the kids. Supposedly - "all the kids were crowding around it mommy, and looking at the snack going what in the world is that snack?" (hands waving and flailing - I'm sure you can picture it).

Now - I would highly recommend you add to it things like: Raisins, Pecans or Vanilla Ice Cream to boot and really jazz them up. Just be sure to send them to school free of tree nuts if there are allergies present in the classroom! (or if the school is peanut free in general like my daughter's).

Let your kids in on the fun - it's so easy and yummy - and will be ready in no time! Enjoy! Next week we will be serving up some more easy sssssoup! Good night. -kg


BeckyKay said... [Reply]

So cute! What a fabulous idea!

The Lavender Daisy said... [Reply]

These look delicious!

Nikki said... [Reply]

OMG I'm making those this weekend. Do I have kids......umm no but I have a husband that acts like one sometimes. No sticky fingers. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

KnittyVet said... [Reply]

Oh wow oh wow.... These MUST be pitched to the Minnesota State Fair (aka everything-on-a-stick State Fair) Awesome!

Midnight Creations said... [Reply]

Great idea, I am going to give this a try too. Love anything with cinnamon. Would be great on a buffet, in some foam in a floral pot or basket for display.

Urban Jeff said... [Reply]

Mmm... Now I'm hungry.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Oh i do love cinnamon, just wish i had an oven that didn't burn everything in it!

Wuvvlepop Accessories x

Teddy Started It said... [Reply]

OMG - I don't need to get creative w/these. I'm just gonna rip you off and make 'em for breakfast this weekend. The kids are going to have so much fun with these! Thanks for sharing:D

Blue & White Wear said... [Reply]

These look delicious! I have to make them! All your recipes look yummy. Bookmarking so I can return. Thank you for sharing them. C

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