Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Edible Wednesday: Easy Soup

Here' the split pea soup recipe I mentioned last week...even though I'm sure you've eaten dinner by now and have slipped into dreamworld!

I've always liked Split Pea Soup and always thought it was so time consuming to make. I even remember a time when my sister made some with an actual Ham Hock - but that thing was nasty. So - I created my own way of making it really easy and still tastes just as good!

1 package of Dried Split Peas - 16oz (1lb)
1 package of Ham Steaks total of 12oz (I prefer lower sodium - 22% or less and even that is too much for kids!)
1/4 cup Dried Minced Onions

Basically, follow the directions on the package for the Split Peas. You begin by taking a look through them and discard any that look weird - or are yellow.
Then you rinse them really well with cold water, and then put them in boiling water to start cooking mine could have used at least 1 extra cup of water).
You dice up your Ham Steaks into 1/2 cubes. (or smaller if you'd prefer).
Add the diced Ham to the boiling water and Split Peas.
Let that boil for at least an hour but stir occasionally. Add the minced onions here.

You'll begin to notice some of the peas are becoming mush (the second picture). Keep cooking it. Once all of it is mush - it's ready. Some cooks suggest taking the Split Peas and blending them to a puree. But this is the easy recipe need for that! All you have to do now is serve it up. Add some salt and pepper to taste and enjoy! This also freezes well. Just grab some of the Ball freezer containers and save some for a while! -kg


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