Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Edible Wednesday: Scrambled Pancakes!

"What? Scrambled pancakes?"
"Did she say that right?"
Oh yes I did!!!

Someone put those 2 words together sometime last year and I haven't been the same since! (and I can't figure out who it was - so you know who you are - and I thank you!) So I just had to try it for myself. Every (almost every) Friday night is pancake night here at my house. It's just a fun way to end the week and get ready for our weekend. My husband is not a complete fan of it - because he's always hungry later - so that's why it's almost every Friday night! But until recently - our pancakes were always the same... round, flat and well...just there. Now it's a whole new ball game!

Why Friday Night Pancake Night?...for a few reasons. 1. I'm a cereal girl (in a cereal world). Whole grains - not the sugary kind...but without cereal in the morning - I can't start my day. 2. Saturday mornings I would much rather sleep in and Sunday we are rushing out the door to church - so where's the time to make pancakes? 3. My husband can cook - but I don't think I've ever seen him get out a bowl and make pancakes from scratch or with it's all me. 4. It's one less meal to think about - plan for and prep in advance.

So here it is - really easy...ready?

1) Make your favorite kind of pancake mix...mine will always include a splash of Pure Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon, Tiny Chocolate Chips, with one or two of the fruits: Frozen Blueberries, Frozen Raspberries, or Bananas.
2) Use a REALLY good non-stick pan. Sure you can use non-stick spray and loads of butter, but a good non-stick pan will really go a long way in helping with the scramble.
3) After warming up the pan, pour in enough batter to cover the surface. Let cook for a bit until the bottom is golden brown - just like you would with making a normal pancake. Once that's ready - flip it in sections if you have to - and let it begin to fall apart....or break it up with your spatula!
4) Continue cooking until it's all nice and golden brown and yummy looking.  Repeat the steps for the remaining batter.
5) Serve immediately with Whip Cream (when my oldest was littler - she called it Whoop Cream - so funny!)...and a few frozen fruits on top. To make it extra special - make a funny face or even dribble some chocolate syrup too!

Now here's the disclaimers...
1) If it's not's not as good! (I laugh as I type that - I grew up on Bisquick and will still willingly eat the powder straight from the box)
2) There's no such thing as portion control here. Many times I make a batch of pancakes and I always have a few left over. But when I scramble them - amazingly - they are all gone and there's no left overs. It's a complete beware of your portions!

If I can think of any others - I'll let you know! Enjoy, and check us out next week for the MacDaddy Meat's heavenly & shared by a kid giddy friend! - kg

Do you have any meal traditions? Tell me in the comments below. And if you have a recipe you'd like to share - Your recipe could be a future Edible Wednesday! Click the Contact Me button above and email it to me.  Please include one photo (must be your photo) of said recipe completed - the Ingredients, Directions and the story behind it. Thanks!


Mass Hole Mommy said... [Reply]

Hi! I'm here from the Friday follow!!!

CarzooCritters said... [Reply]

I am sooo trying to eat healthy and your blog on pancakes is making it SUPER hard!!! Now I am craving a big giant stack of pancakes with whip cream and strawberries on it! mmmm So going to have to make pancakes on my next unhealthy cheat day =)

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