Friday, January 29, 2010

Giddy Up Friday: Be my Valentine....

Last year I helped to remake these "fortunes" for my daughter's school. They were originally used for their Field Day - as the "just before summer - here's your fortune - token gift with a real cookie" - SO CUTE!  I only remade them because they were a copy from a copy from a copy...and I also added more.

But then I decided to make them last year while I was volunteering for their Valentine Celebration into Valentine Fortunes and make felt Fortune Cookies...when my daughter wakes up in the morning - I'm going to hope that she will want to make a whole slew of these for the kids in her class instead of getting the Disney kind of store bought ones....If she doesn't - at least I can hope someone else's kids will prefer to make some of these for their school friends...Handmade my child - handmade makes all the difference...maybe if I let her pick out the fabric? (I convinced worked - we bought the fabric today and will make them tomorrow!)

Pink Felt by the Bolt. (Depends on how many you are making!) Or Red for the boys...
5" Circle Pattern (find a bowl approx 5" and trace onto cardboard)
Self-Adhesive Velcro Circles cut into half circle (save money!)
(don't forget your coupons! Signup at Joann's or ACMoore's website for an email and save a fortune - no pun intended!)

How to:
1. Cut all your fabric with a rotary cutter (easier that way - but not a have to - just cut straight lines!) into 5" squares.
2. Using your Cardboard Circle pattern...cut off the corners and round it out. You can also trace with a pencil if your child is good with scissors...that will be easier for them!
3. Place the fuzzy half moon close to the edge and the rough half moon on the opposite edge.
4. Make them kiss!
5. Place the fortune into the "cookie" - flat up against the flat back of the cookie.
6. Place another fuzzy half moon close to the edge and the rough half moon on the opposite edge.
7. Push in the center of the fortune - and make those two velcro'd edges kiss.

And there you have it. Make a wish - keep your fortune forever...Let your kid color in the pictures - or leave the hearts uncolored for the receiving child to color in. Now's the time to prepare. Don't procrastinate like I do....If I forget to say it...Happy Valentine's Day! : )  -kg


Felissa Hadas said... [Reply]

Stopping by to follow and say hello with Friday Follow. Hope you have an amazing weekend.

Mami Made It said... [Reply]

This Fortune cookie is amazing! Great idea! And so lovely!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Cute idea as well as fast and easy. As I didn't have needed items on hand, modified slightly with nice results.

We used plain printer paper to which we added a clip art Valentine's pattern. After cutting circles, used glue dots to fasten. For the "fortune," we used jokes and riddles and signed the back with our names/brief message. The felt is probably easier to work with, but in a pinch, the paper worked just fine.

Lindy Lou

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