Friday, January 8, 2010

Giddy Up Friday: Oh My Bento.....

A long time ago - I went to school with a really awesome Tupperware lunch box that had straps that snapped - and inside - I had all my tupperware containers filled with soup or sandwich or crackers and cheese and most likely (if I was lucky) a ring-ding wrapped in tin foil!

Somewhere along the way - things shifted and lunch came packed in a paper bag and a lot of plastic sandwich bags. Now even more recently, food is being prepackaged into smaller containers and baggies, to make packing lunch quicker and easier - but less healthy and certainly less green! My daughters have had the privilege of going to a school that encourages parents and children to bring their lunches in containers instead of plastic bags and brown sacks. They also encourage children to bring a cloth napkin instead of paper napkins.

May I propose a switch back to the basics to get a little greener? Tupperware may not have what you are looking for least not the whole kit and kaboodle....but they have the CrystalWave now and there are plenty of choices on the market that are not only greener - and cool looking - but can be fun for you and your kids as you make the lunches! Here's a few resources to get you started in your quest to go green.

And when you've found just the right container set - check out these awesome ideas on flickr and recipes for packing your fun lunch - bento style! Your kids lunch will never be the same again!
Just Bento
Yum Yum Bento - will have a book coming out later this year in June/July (along with the website I'm sure). So cute! Until then - you can check out their LuckySundae's flickr site...

Now - if you want to check out a really awesome Bento Weekly Bento Planner a one pager or the Weekly Bento Meal Planner which is a little more involved! - check out Just Bento. They also have a get healthy challenge - if you so desire to lose weight and keep your foods in check and moderate as we should all be doing the info here is a great place to get started!

And then for a whole SLEW of information again (saving the best for last) - you can check out this website - Lunch in a Box! Have fun - get creative - go green and Giddy-up! -kg


Alix said... [Reply]

Great post! I don't have kids, but I always bring my lunch packed in my sustainable water bottle and reusable tupperwares! If you get cute stuff it's ten times more fun than plastic baggies anyway!

zaneymay said... [Reply]

Great write up. Makes you think.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

These are so cute!

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