Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year - What Motivates You?

So in my recent and numerous conversations with my twin sister - we have been talking about parenting techniques and finding ways to motivate our kids to make good choices instead of making a bad choice and having them be sad or frustrated or worse - have us be sad or frustrated. She's been reading her book, I've been reading mine, and the one word that continues to grab our attention is "Motivate". And so she asked me - what motivates me? Last night as I lay trying to sleep, I thought about that word over and over. I wondered what really motivates me to get up everyday. What motivates me to go to karate, to write this blog, to fill my Etsy shop with cute things....What motivates me period?

So - instead of a new years resolution that will soon be tossed out to the curb with the Christmas tree or the garbage....I thought I'd list the few things that I am motivated by and put the challenge out to all of you, to find out what motivates you? And maybe just maybe - it will make our 2010 that much more rewarding!

My children motivate me to get up. Everyday is different, every day is a challenge, but they change with the wind and the second. I don't want to miss anything and some day I don't want to wish they were 5 and 6 again because I missed it all. They make me laugh, cry (for good and bad)...and give me hope for a better world where everyone can be as a child...innocent and loving!

My 2 is Beautiful business motivates me to keep going everyday. I love coming up with new ideas and wonder what the world might think of them. When I opened up my KidGiddy.Etsy shop I was bummed everyday for 30 days until I got my first sale! By golly - people like my stuff! Sales aren't always easy on Etsy. There's a lot of hard work and networking involved. Unless you are already well established on Etsy - it can be tough getting noticed. I've had 13 sales to date and am grateful for each one. I have some big plans for my business this year and hope it will continue to grow with each new idea.

My karate motivates me - because it's so freakin' awesome and fun! It gets me working out 2 times a week (when I'm not sick) and I get to have stronger muscles and more self esteem than I've ever had in my whole life. I sitll look over my should when I'm alone or feeling vulnerable with my 2 little girls, but don't mess with me or them, 'cause I'll kick your butt! LOL!

I am motivated everyday by the people around me. My husband (he makes me want to be a better wife - designer - and tennis player)....members of my church (they make me want to serve more often and judge less) neighbors, my blog fans and facebook fans and twitter followers - even Joe at the Post Office - everyone seems to give me a reason to do something good today. That's motivation.

I am less motivated when it's cold wet, rainy and snowy - but am more motivated by blue skies and warm sunshine! So there it is - maybe not everything under the sun that motivates me - but it's enough to get me going and to get my new year started in a good way!

What motivates you? Feel free to share in the comments below! Happy New Year! -kg


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