Monday, July 5, 2010

Busy Monday: My Bum Thumb

About a week and a half ago, on my birthday, I slammed my finger in the trunk of my sisters mini van. I thought I'd show you all some pics. My sister has yet to send me the initial pics, but this will be enough to make your stomach turn! These pictures were taken on Saturday which was 2 days after the injury occurred. The swelling here, had gone down significantly, but as you can see from the comparison shot, it was still very swollen. I was lucky enough not to break it (more like shatter the knuckle!), and lucky to not need stitches. I was truly expecting to see my thumb dangling by a thread after seeing it trapped in the tiniest space ever and screaming and begging for God to let it out of the trunk!
Needless to say - much of my day to day life has been difficult to accomplish, but most of the nerves endings are repairing themselves, and the muscles that were in my opinion almost severed, are beginning to regain their courage to work again! I still have 2 numb/tingling spots and hope that won't be permanent nerve damage, but only time will tell. And I'm still trying to figure out why I wasn't wearing one of my own thumb covers and wondered how much that could've protected my thumb in the first place!

Through all of this pain, my children have seen now, why mommy always says to keep your hands and fingers (and feet/toes) away from the car doors!

I appreciate your patience during my recovery time. I'm re-opening my shop today and hope you'll come by for a visit! Have a great day!


yours truly dear said... [Reply]

oh my goodness that makes me shudder. i'm glad everything is healing though! hopefully there won't be permanent damage... good luck!

alicia said... [Reply]

OWWie!! Hope you are feeling better. It's amazing how out of comission you can be with a bum finger.

Susan said... [Reply]

Ouch! Heal fast!

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