Monday, July 25, 2011

Busy Monday: Laptop Greeting Cards & an Elmer's Giveaway

Hello crafters! I was contacted by Elmer's a couple of months back, to see if I would be interested in receiving a Kid's Summer Camp kit with tons of their products to make something with and blog about. I'm not a review blog and will not go into the "reviews" of each product they sent me, but I will instead share with you what you'll need, to make your own Laptop Greeting Card. And if you are the one lucky reader (that leaves a comment below) - you just might be the one to win a fun package of your own.
MAC's have an apple...but I have a flower on my laptop! (Which doubles as the bird's eye)...I love happy accidents!
 I'm happy to say, I finally got my girls and some of their friends together for an awesome craft session! I have been waiting weeks to share this Laptop Greeting Card idea with you all! The girls were so excited to crank the tunes and get to work, and I think the only thing I needed was more space!

It all started off with this awesome crate...I think my husband is jealous and I'm worried about leaving it alone for any extended period of time, as it may go missing and I may never get it back.
Check out what was inside...The Host (or as I called it the "Mommy") kit!, 5 other kid crafter kits and a generous gift card for purchasing more supplies (like scrapbooking paper, etc)
Here's what the girls saw before the crafting madness started...A whole slew of goodies and bright colors! They too loved the burlap baggies, and were equally excited to be able to keep it and bring it home!
Here's one of my daughter's (Elephant), using a pair of Elmer's scissors for a fun edge effect!
This one's little boo-boo, didn't prevent her from gluing down her keyboard and having a blast...
Ladybug colored in her keyboard with heavy duty permanant markers!
Elephant begins to find the joy of her Elmer's Foam Core board creation and looks deep into the "laptop screen" allowing her imagination to run free!
My older daughter (Monkey) is finishing up the coloring in process on her last few key's, with her dual end permanent marker set. These dual end markers were a definite hit!
Mittens finished placing her gems and laptop "skins" by using the glue dots from her kit. The glue dots were my favorite! She also colored in some of her keys with the Gel pens! With just a hint of glitter they were a hit also!
The girls show off the covers of their new Laptops! (I think they don't want to give them away anymore...but instead want to use them for pretend play) - Who wouldn't want to have one to play with - right?!
Here they all are opened and ready for a special message and maybe a few pictures from home!

So here's what you'll need for your Laptop Greeting Cards - or even just to make a laptop to play with and learn where all the keys are on the keyboard!

1 - 1 Elmer's Bi-Fold Foam Board - measuring 12 x 18 (when folded it's 12 x 9)
2 - 1 Box (per child) Elmer's Craft Bond Glue Dots - these are so stinkin' FUN!!! (but beware - if your little one drops them on the kitchen floor like mine'll have to find them all the hard way! lol!)
3 - Elmer's Craft Bond Extra strength glue sticks (these are blue and dry clear!) These worked best for gluing the keyboard to the inside of the laptop.
4 - Elmer's Double Sided Tape dispenser (we picked this up with our gift card and i LOVED it! It was gone before the crafting session was over!) This double sided tape was the best for getting the thicker glitter scrapbook pages to stay down. We def needed more than one roll!

Some of the others you may want:
1 - Gel Pens,
2 - Project Popperz Markers - these were the dual ended markers (please use these with proper ventalation and supervision!), and of course...
3 - Glitter Glue that puff's up when dried!
4 - the X-ACTO rounded corner punch

Some of the other things you'll need:
1 - Scrapbooking paper...on cell phones and iPads, they call it skins...pick out your favorite scrapbooking papers to cover your laptop inside and out!
2 - Print out a copy of my Kid Giddy Keyboard for fun and learning!
3 - Dog Tags (if you want to use them as a mouse like my girls did - or if you want to put it on the front with a symbol like I did (see pic above)).
4 - Ribbon - If your child wants to use it like a real laptop, it will need to stay can poke holes in the sides, about 3 inches from the fold, and 1/2" from the edge, using a screwdriver (on a rug or other soft surface). Put the ribbon through the inside of the hole, to the outside, and tie it in a double or triple knot to secure it. Then place the bottom of the same ribbon into the other hole from the inside, and tie knots on the outside also. Besure both sides are tied at an even length.
5 - Shower Curtain Liner - yep I said a shower curtain liner. Now for this project I used a brand new one! But for yours - you can get the one in your shower - replace it and use the very top of it and toss the bottom! The top is always clean as new and can totally be reused! I used the clear shower curtain liner for the "screen" part of the laptop and if you leave the top open, you can slide new messages in or new pictures. Then the liner makes the screen look more real!
6 - Imagination - you don't need tons of it...but a little will go a long way!

So here's the info about the giveaway....Your "Host" bag and the 2 "kid" bags will not be the exact same as the ones we received, but will have the same products. If you'd like a chance to win - please leave a sweet comment below. (PLEASE NOTE: Elmer's said the winners must be U.S. residents; & a gift card is not included in the prize pack). The winner will have to email me a ship to address and the product will be sent directly to you. Thanks for reading, commenting & entering....and good luck! Comments must be posted by Saturday July 30, 2011 11:59EST to be counted. Winner will be announced Monday! Thank you!

I hope you all enjoy making pretend laptops to play with or laptop greeting cards to send! Thank you Elmer's for sending me fun in a box! The girls had such a blast! Have an awesome week! I will have more exciting tutorials to come in the next couple of please stay tuned!


Renee said... [Reply]

Thanks for a wonderful tutorial. I can't wait to make a laptop for my wee he can be just like mummy.

Kathy said... [Reply]

What a fun project! Great giveaway, too!

Mona said... [Reply]

This is fun! I've just been blessed with the opportunity to teach kids at an after school/summer fun program and so I'm looking for all kinds of ideas that they will like to do with very few resources!! This is just another great example of what we'll be able to do with all those leftover scraps of wallpaper and scrap booking papers!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
Mona in Vermont

Airyannasky said... [Reply]

What a fantastic project! My kiddos love to do crafts! Thanks for this great giveaway.

Rebekah said... [Reply]

What a fun and unique idea. I love projects where kids can get involved too. Great post!

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