Friday, January 20, 2012

Giddy Up Friday: Snow People Chess Set, Crafts n' things

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When I was younger, I remember going to visit my Great-Grandmother at her house. (I was young - I thought it was her house, but many years later found out it was not her house but my mother's Aunt's house). For the sake of the memory, I still call it her house. I remember in the front room a little table, with a checker board painted right on it. It was a small round table, just big enough for the board and some chess pieces (again from memory). I've always had a love of chess since learning it, but honestly don't play it all that often. I can beat my husband any time while playing Othello, but he often check mates me in Chess! Regardless of wether I win or lose, I still love the game. I love the pieces and I love the challenge and strategies.

When I went to visit my dad in Utah one summer, I went to his office at BYU and saw some chess pieces made from steel. There they were, lined up along the top of a desk or windowsill. They struck me as simple and beautiful, and I have wanted them ever since.

I don't have a machine that can turn a bar of steel into amazing chess pieces, but I had a vision of creating a kingdom of winter chess pieces with the wooden trees and snowmen that you'd find in any hobby store. I will be the first to admit that painting and stamping is not my go to medium, but once in a while I am smitten with an idea and must tackle it head on! You can find all the information for this project in the current Feb 2012 Crafts 'n things Magazine! (You'll even see it on the front cover in the top corner!) I hope you enjoy making your own set! If you have children, invite them to help or let them make their own! Here's what you'll need!...I bought all of my own supplies and got all the wooden pieces from a place online called (I was not paid to say that)! Since crafts parts is no longer selling the tiny snowmen, you can also try this other website.

T-minus 5 days until I leave for the ever fun Craft and Hobby convention. Stress is high and there's still so much to do! Thanks for visiting, and it's almost time for that Anna Griffin pattern giveaway I mentioned last week! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that post!

Have a wonderful week and come find me if you are attending CHA, I'd love to meet you! You can tweet me @kidgiddy to find me!

(PS...have you seen what my twin sister Sue, has been up to lately? Here's her latest project featured in the beginning of the same issue! - it's only a sneak peak - so you'll have to get the copy and check it out!)


Byn Always said... [Reply]

Oh my goodness! Your blog is adorable and the craft ideas are awesome!! I LOVE it!

(Here from blogfrog)

Lindsey said... [Reply]

This is really funny -- I just picked up this issue at the library because I was intrigued about the chess set. The only other thing I marked was your sister's project. I love them both. Thanks for sharing!! Can't wait to make my own set.

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]


Lindsey - that is too funny!!! I forwarded the email to my sister with your comment. PLEASE send me a pic of your finished chess set so I can see, and I'll share it on fb too! Thanks for your sweet comment and making my day brighter (and my sister's day too)! -kg

Earl Judds said... [Reply]

These are super cute! My kids would love these chess sets. Thanks for sharing!

Earl Judds said... [Reply]

This is cute. My wife loves to buy unique chess sets. I think she would really love to make this!

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