Wednesday, October 15, 2014

More Sudoku Puzzles

Quite a few years ago I started creating many sudoku puzzles for my daughters and the Montessori school they attended. Since then they have been downloaded numerous times and shared via Pinterest countless times. I had gotten a request the other day for a basic Level 3 puzzle. I whipped one up really quick, sent it off via email, and decided I should share it here as well. This is an easy Level 3, but I have also a harder version (naming it Level 4). It's the same answer key, I just took more pieces off.You can download the Level 3 and 4 answer key here.

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When I am creating a new puzzle, I don't use a sudoku book and follow one of their puzzles, I make my own. I love the challenge and occasionally have to have one of my daughters check my work to make sure I am not missing something. After a while, my eyes stop seeing the color and shapes, so I may miss a mistake here or there. Eventually, I get it and it works, which is always a relief.

While creating these new levels, I decided to challenge you. Can you put your own sudoku puzzle together? Begin by placing all of one shape in random boxes, still following the rules of - each shape can only appear in the column, row and box group once. Then repeat the same process with all of the other shapes. As you get to the last two shapes, you may find it more difficult to keep the rules, so you will have to start strategically placing the shapes where you need to, and moving others around. It is a challenging game to play, but can be more challenging to create your own puzzle. Give it a try.
For Level 1 Sudoku, choose 4 shapes and use 4 of each shape. For Level 2 sudoku, choose 6 shapes, and use 6 of each shape. For Level 3 sudoku, use all 9 shapes and all 9 of each shape. The shapes can be enlarged a bit for the first and second levels if needed, and the boards and pieces can be laminated and reused numerous times. If you are homeschooling or teaching at a school, you can also create some answer keys of your own, take some pieces off and photocopy partial puzzles as a class project.

If you are new to my blog, here are some quick links so you can find my other puzzles: Sudoku Levels 1 and 2, Valentine Sudoku (Levels 1 and 2), and my Halloween Sudoku (Levels 1-3). I'm sure there will be more to come.

If you'd like to share some pics, you can do so on my facebook page, as well as tag me @kidgiddy (and hashtag #kidgiddysudoku) on instagram. Please do not copy these game boards, or puzzles pieces for your own blog or monetary use. These are not created for mass production, and are for home, personal, or classroom use.


Rachael Dorr said... [Reply]

I think these would make really cool quilt patterns. x

Mrs V said... [Reply]

ooh just commented on your other ones about these and found them. Can't wait to use them this term!

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