Friday, July 29, 2016

A Little Pixie Doll

I'm so excited to share what I made using Tasha Noel's newest fabric line Pixie Noel with Riley Blake fabrics for Tasha's Pixie Noel blog tour. This fabric is adorable and so great for multiple holiday sewing projects with all the various colors and prints. I always enjoy getting the fabric and being inspired by it. This line was no different. I couldn't resist making my own "Pixie", since gnomes and I go way back.

This little girl, Crystal, is always cold and loves to quilt with her hat on. Right now she's debating which fussy cut center to use in her next block.
Crystal has made 6 blocks already and thinks this one with the little birdie singing in the center is her favorite so far. She has so much fun making these blocks and using all the cute pics in the centers.

Crystal also enjoys making her own clothes. Here's her newest outfit...a button down collared shirt, with a skirt and striped bloomers. When she's warm, she scrunches the bloomers up a little like capris, and when she's really cold, she will tuck them into her boots.
Her reversible hat and fuzzy mittens and boots, keep her cozy warm in the studio. Luckily they match all of her outfits, so she only has to make more when she wears them out. Maybe tomorrow she will make herself a little dress...or some more fussy cut blocks?
Thanks so much for visiting and sharing in my Pixie Noel creations and thanks so much to Tasha and Riley Blake Fabrics for asking me to be a part of your Pixie Noel tour!

The doll, and all of the doll clothes were made using my Kid Giddy Sizzix: Doll and Doll Clothes die cuts. The boots and mittens were made using my Doll die as well, with a scant seam allowance. Please visit the link above for more info and to see multiple videos to help you create your own one of a kind dolls and stuffies. Want to come sew dolls with me? I'll be teaching all of my tips and tricks for doll/fox making and doll clothes sewing this August at the Kid Giddy Missouri Star Quilt Co Retreat. It's not too late to sign up and come have fun sewing with me!

Disclaimer: I received fabric from Riley Blake Fabrics to use for this project. Opinions are my own and there are no affiliate links. Thank you.


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