Monday, August 1, 2016

Little House on the Prairie Puppet Tutorial

Need something to do this week? I've got a fun project for you over on Little House on the Prairie's website this morning. I've kept this little one under wraps for a while...and she won't disappoint! I grew up watching Laura and her entire family on TV after school everyday - so I was honored and thrilled to meet Charlotte (Miss Beadle) and Allison (Nellie) after making their dolls for Andover Fabrics for quilt market last fall. I'm excited to be working with the Tripp Friendly Family to create some fun projects on their website. My girls love playing with the puppet and would've loved it even more 5 years ago.

You can make all of the characters you'd like based on this tutorial. I've provided all the instructions and step out photos to help you make your own Laura puppet - regardless of the size hand it will be used on. It's also reversible - so you can make two characters in one puppet.

Happy sewing and reading your favorite stories on the banks of Plum Creek! Please be sure to share your creations with me - tag me on social media @KidGiddy and hashtag #kidgiddy so I don't miss it.


Kathy said... [Reply]

I need to make some. I still love to read the books. Think I may do some for my daughters as well as granddaughters.

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