Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Daylight Company Brand Ambassador

I've been up to a little something and I couldn't be more excited about it. Quilt market is always fun, but it's even more fun when you can connect with a group of folks with an awesome product like Daylight Company and instantly hit it off.

Remember that pic I just shared recently of my Sizzix Applique Doll block up on my studio window so you can see the seams better and make sure they are all tucked in? Here it is below...

Well, mama's got a brand new toy and no longer has need for taping anything to any window.

If you haven't heard of the Wafer Lightbox yet - you have to check it out. This Wafer light box is so thin and portable and amazing! My mom used to make her own (huge) light boxes (because she was an art teacher but also worked at the Color Place and did layouts and such, and taught kids how to make their own). But I have never had time for that, nor have I ever had the tools to make one or space to keep it.

I walked into their booth at market and started asking loads of questions because I wanted to leave market with one in my hands. Then some friends came up and it was an instant party. Nicole from Modern Handcraft was there because she is one of their Brand Ambassadors and the more we talked the more I knew I wanted to work with this company. I'm excited to say I am now one of the Daylight Company Brand Ambassadors too and I just had to make them a little block of their Daylight Bulb Logo to say thank you. I wanted to capture the general color in the fabric, but also the glow of light in the logo. The bright spot was improv so they can show customers at shows some of it was paper pieces and some was sewn prior to starting the block.

I did a little Instagram story showing how it can be really bright or just a little bright which is great because during the day there is so much light in my studio it's hard too see unless the tablet is really bright. But at night - I won't need it at 100%. I'll try to see if I can upload that here.

I hope you'll have to check out all of the other lamps and lights they also have on the Daylight Company website - I'm eyeing one of their floor lamps now that my eyes are having trouble seeing tiny needles and hexies in the dark. Please be sure to sign up for my emails to get info about new patterns, new Sizzix dies, future sales or coupons and other fun stuff.


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