Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Unconventional Mini French Bull Dog Quilt and a Pug

Hi everyone - I'm excited Christopher from The Tattooed Quilter asked me to be included in his Unconventional Mini Quilt hop to celebrate his Blue Carolina fabric with Riley Blake. I designed this French Bull Dog block using the Electric Quilt EQ7 program based on his sweet Edie puppy when his fabric was releasing for market.

Although I love a great block with lots of white behind it - I loved this challenge because it makes you think outside of the box and makes you work really hard on that binding! This puppy was no exception. Who says a puppy block can't be turned into it's own mini without all the extras? I'd even say you could use it as a mug rug - but who would want to smother that face with anything other than kisses?! Then of course there's the option to make it super sized and make it a sweet area rug, or huge wall hanging. So many options!

Even though there's no details, I love the back too where you can focus on the general shape of the French Bull Dog.

Here is the original 10" x 10" block. She'd make a cute all over quilt, but also an unconventional but wickedly cute mini!

Because I had so much fun with the French Bull Dog Block, I decided to design an entire dog series with it. Next up...the Pug. I mean seriously - little Prince and Princesses? Bow ties and crowns?
Thanks so much for stopping by and thank you especially to Christopher for including me in this blog hop. It's always fun to play with new fabrics and be crazy inspired by them as I have been with your prints!. If you haven't seen the Blue Carolina fabrics Christopher designed with Riley Blake Fabrics you have got to go take a look at all of them and stock up while you can. They are all gorgeous! After you make some French Bull Dog and Pug Dog blocks of your own - I'd love to see them. Please be sure to add #kidgiddy and #dogblockseries to your post.


Disclaimer: Although I received this fabric for free, opinions are always my own. There are no affiliate links. 


pennydog said... [Reply]

OMG SO cool!

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Diane Harris, Stash Bandit said... [Reply]

These pups are fabulous! I'm not a dog lover because of allergies but I could live with these and enjoy every minute. Can't wait to see what breed is next!

mumbird3 said... [Reply]

Sooo cute!!!!

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