Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Sew Plush Planner Sew Along Week 2

Hello all, its a delayed start to Week 2 of the Kid Giddy Sew Plush Planner sew along! Last week I was working on 5 Sew Plush Planner covers, and now I'm working on 6...soon to be 7. I just keep getting more ideas for new pages and want to be sure they work before sending them out in the world. Some of the Sew Plush Planner organizers I'm working will feature the pages in the original pattern, and the other ones I'm making will have new pages for an add on pattern that will be available later in the sew along. If you want to see a video of all the current features - check it out this post. Last week I finished the badge button Sew Plush Planner and love how it turned out. Now want to make one for my enamel pins too. How's your cover coming along?

Just to quickly revisit some details...if you have not yet purchased a copy of the Sew Plush Planner from my Kid Giddy Etsy shop, you can do so here.... Whatever you do, please do not share your purchased pattern with someone else as it will upset me greatly. Please abide by my copyrights. Thank you! The Sew Plush Planner pattern will also come with some cute Bullet Planner Page blocks that are fun foundation paper piecing blocks to sew and use on the inside of your Sew Plush Planner if you'd like, or as it's own mini or quilt. All photos should be shared on Instagram using the hashtag #sewplushplanner.

Here's the Schedule we will follow:
Week 1 - Cover
Week 2 - Pages 1/2 and 3/4
Week 3 - Pages 5/6 and 7/8
Week 4 - Pages 9/10
Week 5 - Pages 11/12
Week 6 - Assembly

Now that that's out of the way - let's get on to Week 2! Week 2 are pages 1/2 and 3/4. As I was working on these, and forgetting all of the measurements, I had to refer back to my pattern and sadly found two errors. Please make note of this errata on your pattern pieces or on your copy of the PDF. The Page Template says the width is 7" when it's actually 7 1/4". All other mentions of the page width through out the pattern are correct at 7 1/4". For the "sticky note" batting, it would be 6 1/2" width. My sincerest apologies for the errors despite checking it over and having it edited.

As you'll see in the photos below, I'm not sewing all of the pages together until assembly week. I've sewn all of the additional pieces (the sticky notes, envelope and pocket with strap), but they are only pinned together for layout purposes. There are two different options in the pattern instructions for putting pages together, so I'm waiting to decided until the assembly week to show you both options. If you haven't decided if you want to sew them together as single pages or as spreads, leave the additional pieces unsewn from the pages. Pin them for now. Below are the pages for my Sew Plush Planner that has my Westie Dog Block pattern on the front cover. I used batting on this envelope and have decided I prefer the light weight stabilizer instead. I may remake it, but I'm thinking the batting might prove beneficial for added protection depending on what's put inside, especially if I use it for metalsmithing. These are this beautiful Sunprint 2019 prints from Alison Glass.

When you finish making your sticky notes and envelope you can give them a press if you'd like. I press the top folded edge of the sticky notes but prefer to leave the envelope with rolled edges. It will sit easier once the flaps are sewn together and the snaps are put in place.   

For one of the other planners I'm going with an "English Teacher" theme...yes - for my friend that is an english teacher. lol. These prints are from Word Play by Sarah Fielke by Windham fabrics. Hopefully my friend doesn't see these pics, but I want to show you how you can do a different theme inside and go with a random vibe or more consistent (as in the next photo).

If you want to go more consistent and matchy matchy like I did here with these Mendocino prints by Heather Ross, use the same page prints for front and back (6 prints total) instead of double the number of prints. There are also multiple chances for fussy cutting. On the pocket page it ends up covering up the octopus on the bottom, bummer right?! So I fussy cut the pocket piece to have an octopus on it and now I have it back.

Once you have all of the pieces for pages 2 and 4, share a picture on IG and tag me @kidgiddy on the pic and with the hashtag #sewplushplanner and #sewplushplannersal in the post comment. Then you can set them aside with the snaps needed for assembly later in the sew along.

Over the course of the week, start thinking about the zipper colors you want or need and make sure you have them ordered for next week. While you are at it, start looking for some cute and fun zipper pulls or keychains that work as zipper pulls. I found these random CareBear (tm) keychains. I let my daughter pick one and opened it up to find a the cute "Heartsong" CareBear. It matches perfectly with my original Sew Plush Planner, and now I want all of the others! lol. So let's see what you've got on your cover if you've got it finished and let's see your 1 - 4 pages?! Be sure to share your Sew Plush Planner sew along pics with me on instagram. Tag me @kidgiddy on the photo and use the hashtags #sewplushplanner and #kidgiddy in the captions! I'm truly looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Thanks so much for visiting!

Disclosure: I received some Alison Glass fabric from Alison as well as the Word Play and Medocino from Windham Fabrics, to use at my discretion. Expressed opinions are always my own. There are no affiliate links.


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