Friday, May 7, 2010

Giddy Up Friday: Sequin Ball Work

Back when my first little monkey girl started Pre-K at a Montessori school, I loved going in the classroom and learning about "works" and activities that the kids were allowed and able to do. They have the practical life area, science, art, math, language, sensorial and more! When I set up "my craft room" I was sure to set up "works" for them to do in there too. So really it became "our craft room". This is one of the works I set up for them....the Sequin Ball craft...

I'm saying this for safety purposes...this craft is not intended for children under 5. Adult Supervision is highly recommended! Kid Giddy cannot be held responsible for any injuries resulting from this craft/blog post! OK - with that said, done and out of the it is:

You'll Need:
A Styrofoam ball - about 3-4" around (not too small - you'll need room for pins)
Ball pins (has a little ball at the top)
Package of Sequins (use a coupon!)
Ribbon for Hanging
Pencil for poking hole for Ribbon
Tray for any spills (Cookie sheet works well)

What to do:
Step 1: Begin by poking a hole straight through the styrofoam ball.
Step 2: Fold a piece of ribbon in half (approx. 20-24" long - 10-12 folded) and using the pencil again - poke the folded end into the ball.
Step 3: Tie the loose ends of the ribbon together to form a large knot to "sit on". You can tie a small knot on top, but I think it's prettier without it. Just know it can come out without a knot on both ends.
Step 4: Take 1 pin in hand (holding the ball of the pin head) and choose a small sequin to "thread' onto the pin.
Step 5: Then take a larger sequin to thread onto the pin.
Step 6: Poke the pin into the styrofoam ball anywhere you want. Be sure to poke it straight in towards the center and not off to the side where it can potentially come outward to poke fingers or hands! (The pin would have to be seriously bent to do this - but you never know!)
Step 7: Repeat steps 5 & 6 as interest, supplies and space allows.
Step 8: Hang. (Unless of course you want to keep it forever - then I would suggest a little modge podge or E6000 to glue them all in place!)

This is a great craft for kids with a good level of Fine Motor skills (not a beginner level). Again - please - supervise your kids if you are letting them do the crafting! Have a great weekend...See all you thumbsucker parents tomorrow for your chance to win a free ME Thumb Cover to break the habit!


Unknown said... [Reply]

Oh I LOVE it! And that is right up my little girl's alley! Thanks for the great tuttorial! Have a great weekend!

Kelly said... [Reply]

These are beautiful!!! We did a neat styrofoam tree with buttons and pins!

Jamie @ hands on : as we grow said... [Reply]

I love this! I love those styrofoam balls! I remember making so many kinds of ornaments with them as a child! I included this idea in a roundup of homemade ornaments a kids can make. Thanks!!

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