Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy Monday: Gnome Costume

My youngest daughter is not "obsessed" with Gnomes, but really enjoys going to Grandma's house to search for a little kitchen Gnome that wakes up every night and travels around the kitchen getting into things and making messes. She loves finding him in the morning and tries to determine exactly what he was up to while she was sleeping!

After having our landscaping done by "Gnome Landscaping" we got a Gnome (named Forest) left on our doorstep for our garden! He doesn't travel at all because he's "too old" but does a great job watching the deer eat all of the tomatoes, peppers and everything else we planted this year! He's not much of a "guardian" garden gnome because those deer got away with everything!

Naturally amongst all this - she wanted to be a Gnome Girl for Halloween this year. She wanted to be a Gnome last year, but the thought of making it then was too daunting for me! This year I knew I couldn't get away with buying another princess costume, so I pretty much had no other option but to make it!

So here's the costume and brief descriptions how I made it....We'll start off first with the "vision" drawing...

Here's the Jacket:

Start with 3 pieces: 2 front sides that are the same, and one back piece that is the same size as the 2 fronts.

After sewing the side seams and the top shoulder seams, turn right side out.


Cut sleeves to desired length and sew to arm hole and then sew the length.

Attach Ruffle to edge (I rounded the corners as I went!) and to the sleeves (see the skirt).
Add the Fabric Covered buttons for decoration.
Cute fabric covered buttons of Gnome Girls is from Michael Miller Gnoming Around Yellow Fabric.

Here's the Skirt:

Cut out 2 pieces of a skirt. I used Pattern Ease for making a rough pattern. When in doubt add a few inches to sides and length! I also cut the fleece with the stretch going from side to side!

Turn down seam and stitch leaving a small opening for the elastic.

I used 4" width ruffles. Fold in half & hand or machine stitch a basting stitch and then pin your ends and center in place.

Keep finding the center points and pinning them, so it's easier to know the ruffle will be consistent!

Sew on the Ruffles and turn skirt right side out.


Here's the Hat:

Who doesn't want a cute pointy polka dot hat with a matching fleece flower. 

Here's the Apron:

I added ric-rac to the apron for cuteness factor!

Cut 4 straps for the neck and waist ties. The ties will be facing inway and wouldn't be seen technically - but I showed them so you know to make them! This is the Michael Miller "Gnomeville" Red Border fabric panel! Way cute!

After sewing all around the edge (leaving a couple inches open), turn right side out and top stitch all the way around! I'd use a more rounded inside corner up by the waist straps (where the top meets the bottom).

All of the pieces were made without use of a pattern. These are Kid Giddy Original patterns and therefore cannot be created for resale purposes. I am sharing this tutorial out of the kindness of my heart to satisfy all the Gnome loving children out there. You can use this tutorial to make a costume for yourself or your child. PLEASE do not copy this and sell it for your own use! Likewise, please do not copy the tutorial by retaking all of your own photos and posting it on your blog as your own. I've seen it happen - so please give credit where credit is due. Thanks!


snekcip said... [Reply]

First off, your daughter is just gorgeous and OMG her costume is just too cute!! I love it! My mother was an avid seamstress before she past and she would have had no problem making this costume! She loved sewing for all her grandkids! I have found another lady who makes things "w/out" a pattern. She is really good! I just love the material, where did you purchase it!

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]

Thanks Dawn! The fabric is Michael Miller Gnomeville Border Red - you can get it online just about anywhere...since I don't want to support just one place - just google it and it will come up in quite a few etsy or .com places!

Southern Belle said... [Reply]

I love Gnomes & that costume is too cute!

dressupandgo said... [Reply]

Really great costume! I remember that time when I was a child - my mothers sewed costumes were so dear to me!! :)

yourstrulydear said... [Reply]

aww, i love this! she looks darling!!

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