Saturday, April 2, 2011

Giddy-Up Friday: Doll House Update

Yep - it's Saturday...I'm not going crazy - well maybe in my own way right now I am...but I know it's Saturday and not Friday! I just wanted this post to be a part of Giddy-Up Friday as the original Doll House post is/was!

A blog reader was just asking for photos of my daughter's doll house that I started ages ago...and have yet to finish. But I do have some photos to share!
Now that everything is painted - let's get started!
And we have walls...
Using Cherry Scrapbook paper and it's coordinating pattern for the "play room"
Sparkling scrapbook paper works wonders on walls!
We love multi-colored stairs! (and a shingled roof!)
The Kitchen tiles are in. (Tile - it's one big sheet!) lol!
I'm sure when I have a moment to breathe again - I will finish it. Hopefully she won't be full grown by then with children of her own to play with it! : (

If you are looking to buy your own doll house kit and DIY, you should totally check out Earth & Tree Miniatures! They have so many to choose from and are in NH! That's where I've gotten both of my girls houses. This one up above is called the "Littleton" for your reference. The guy there makes all the designs and cuts them and packages them next door to the shop! If you are ever near should stop in and visit them! Tell them Kid Giddy sent you (no not really - but it was fun to say)! Have an awesome "conference" weekend!


Unknown said... [Reply]

Nice, thank you. And I get to prove to my husband I'm not nuts. The one we are working on is for Barbie over 3 feet high, all the furniture is purchased and I was going cut the cardboard boxes they come in and decoupage them to the walls. I also did multi colors on two floors. See all great minds thing alike. Thank you for sharing!

Don't know if you do instagram for twitter, I posted some pics there last week.

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]

3 feet high? Awesome!! I haven't done instagram yet...but once again - you are pushing me to get someone done on my list! I'll have to check it out! Thanks Sonia!

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