Monday, May 21, 2012

Life Cycle of a Poppy Flower

I have become some what obsessed with this little plant of ours and had to share some pictures to show you this amazing life cycle. I received this poppy plant from my dear sweet friend Amy almost 2 years ago. She loves the color orange (and who can blame her) and thought it was just too pretty to leave at the store and gave it to me.
My husband takes care of the plants better than I do in this family, which is why we almost lost this one. It was dying rather quickly, so I found a rather empty spot in our newly landscaped yard and popped it in a little hole (before it was too late). I watered it frequently during the hot summer, as I watered the rest of the flowers, and nothing happened. Last year, we left it where it was and watered it more. Nothing happened. 

My husband was going to pull it out this year with the weeds, and I said, no just leave it in there. It's not like the leaves had all died and withered, it just wasn't blooming. About a week and a half ago, my husband sent me a message and said "I'm glad you told me not to pull the flower out! There's a bud shooting up". The fact that he was glad I told him not to pull it was so sweet, but the fact that he was checking on it, was cuter than anything else! He kept me up to date on the buds progress and then a few days later the bud and shoot were well above the height of the nearby Daisy plant. One tiny little bud leaning over and dangling on a shoot almost 2 feet tall. Then another day went by and it got taller and slowly stood up a little straighter.

Friday morning he told me it was going to bloom soon, and later that day the bud popped open. So I immediately took my camera out and snapped a few pictures. I have not photoshop'd these pics at all. I have not added any filtering effects. These are pure nature at it's best. (And I couldn't be more thrilled if you were wondering!) I wish I had gone out later that afternoon or evening, because by the next morning (Saturday) the poppy was standing straight up, and in full bloom. Isn't it beautiful? It look so soft and fragile, like tissue paper. How does God make such amazing and beautiful things like this? I'm in awe!

Today, Monday, I noticed that the flower had already reached it's peak and was quickly fading. Even in death, this amazing flower, was too beautiful to not capture. It was very windy (of course) and I had to lean it over a little to the side, in the hopes of getting the flower to be still. Just one picture was all I was hoping for, that captured the beauty of it fading away. One picture that was crisp and clear, and it worked. It reminded me of Orange Sherbert. So sweet. So delicate.

Flowers are so uplifting and inspiring, and as this little plant began to bloom this year, we awaited it's blooms with baited breath. We did not give up on it. Almost did, but in the end, held out just a little longer. How often do we have to wait a little longer, to enjoy the richness and beauty that life and opportunities have to offer...until of course, the time comes to an end? It's worth it.

While this little flower bloomed, this little friend enjoyed his share of sunshine and sunflower seeds in our back yard. He was too cute and had to be photographed too! (again - no filter - no photoshop)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope that you can stop and enjoy whatever cycle you are in. Every cycle has something wonderful to offer. Even the end, because that only means a new cycle is just beginning.


Mary C. Nasser said... [Reply]

Well stated...gorgeous, gorgeous photos of nature at its best. No need for filters or photoshop with your beautiful poppy!!

Love that you captured its growth process in your photos from bud to full-bloom!
Nature is so healing.
Your post reminded me of what my mother told me when transplanting flowers...
First year they weep.
Second year they creep.
Third year they LEAP!!

So glad to see you BYW 2.0!
All my best,

sarah krouse said... [Reply]

Exquisite photos! Poppys are my all time fave & you've captured their personality so well!

Val/senseandgrace said... [Reply]

Hi I am so glad to be here again. I love your blog is better and better.Love your pictures. Nice to see you in BYW again.


The Nomadic Bookworm said... [Reply]

Beautiful photos! I love poppies and you captured there life cycle so well!

Lori from BYW :-)

A Fanciful Life said... [Reply]

Hi Kerry,

Stopping by from BYW2... Wow, your photos are gorgeous. They are really tack sharp. My favorite is the flower bud and the squirrels too. Really wonderful!

Sharon :-)

anu @ affairewithinteriors said... [Reply]

What a great photo journey:) And I totally agree with Sharon - these photos are really good!

Anu from BYW

Kimberly Jones said... [Reply]

What a lovely bloom! This is the first year that we are really planting anything at our house, and we went all out with 8 hydrangea bushes! They are still sitting on our patio waiting to be planted! But they are blooming so beautifully. Your photos are lovely, and I'm happy to tell you that I'm a fellow BYW student! I look forward to reading more of your posts and to connecting with you in the classroom!

Deepa said... [Reply]

What a great capture of the little guy! Really nice photography.

And have you changed your layout/graphics since BYW 1? It seems... hmm, cleaner from what I recall seeing last. Very nice!

Unknown said... [Reply]

Interesting topic! Photos told the story well and loom so professional!

lovelysimplenow said... [Reply]

It looks like Google ate my comment! They (It? She? He?) really needs to stop that.

Anyway, trying again! Your photos are magnificent! I looove that you didn't use filters or anything to grunge up the photos. I'm totally guilty of it myself (constantly), but I am really starting to appreciate the beauty of untouched pictures again.

Orange is my favorite color, which just makes this all the better, hehe. :D

Beautiful post.

Amy at Simple Style Notebook said... [Reply]

wonderful pictures - so nice that it's not just me who gets excited about the new life and change in our garden. I love that our garden is always changing, evolving and filling our little space in England with glorious colour. Nice to join your blog x

StarletStarlet said... [Reply]


You took such wonderful pictures and wow, you have THE patience to do one full cycle of a gorgeous flower!

Poppies are just wonderfully cheerful, don't they? Here in our neighborhood, the bumble bees are happy hopping from one california poppies to the other.

And look at that little guy! Uh-oh, sun flower hunter =D

Ana Burmester Baptista said... [Reply]

Lovely post!What a great blog you have!!


Latoya said... [Reply]

Very inspirational post, Kerry! Your images came out perfectly. The vivid orange of the poppy was so beautiful.

Latoya, BYW 2.0

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