Monday, December 9, 2013

It's a Sewing Tales Giveaway Day - Who Wants to WIN?

It's giveaway day on Sew Mama Sew - and I decided to participate in a BIG way...not just 1 person will win, not just 2 people, but 4 people will win the following giveaway package. Isn't that so exciting?

A (signed) copy of my book Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love (don't want to wait for it? I don't blame you - you can get a copy of Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love on Amazon right now in time for Christmas)

8 awesome goodies from Dritz Sewing

1 Bag of PolyFil from Fairfield

1 Yard of Create-A-Pattern paper from Bosal Foam

What do you have to do to win?

Share a story about a favorite toy you were given when younger (handmade or otherwise).

Enter your name in the Rafflecopter form below. It's the easiest way for me to track and notify a winner. You will have until Dec 13th 8pm EST. I will email the winners and the winners will also be mentioned on the Rafflecopter board. Due to cost of shipping, I will open up the giveaway for just 1 international winner. So international friends, please enter also, as I will pick 1 giveaway package to ship internationally. Yeah!

Good Luck and thanks for stopping by! Click the link below to sign up for my newsletters. Have a great day.

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«Oldest   ‹Older   1 – 200 of 240   Newer›   Newest» said... [Reply]

Such an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

Nicole said... [Reply]

That looks like a great book! Thanks for the chance to win!

Sara said... [Reply]

I had a sweet pink gingham bear that I received as a baby. I wore that poor little bear out. It had my name embroidered on it's heart. I still have it down in my closet!

ahkraus said... [Reply]

My mom was a fabulous maker -- I had a dinosaur stuffie (kind of ahead of her time, she was) that my kids now share. Your book looks beautiful.

memmens said... [Reply]

I didn't have many toys but had a stuffed creature that was almost 2D, was white with blue ears - I still have it somewhere.

Melissa Graham said... [Reply]

I have two favorites. One was a doll that I received as a Christmas gift. Her name was Lisa. The other was a stuffed bear that I named fluffy kitty. She was rescued from a yard sale box that my family had received for a yard sale we were having.

quilty stitches said... [Reply]

I had a pink bear I slept with when I was young, we moved a lot and I don't remember what ever happened to her.

Unknown said... [Reply]

Anytime I think of my favorite childhood "toys" my first thoughts are immediately of books. I was an early reader (1st or 2nd grade level at age 4), and couldn't get enough. The library was my mother's best friend. I also had a Holly Hobby friend doll named "Carrie". As my name is Carey, an unusual spelling for the 70's, she became an instant favorite.
Hmmm... I'm now thinking I should put an authentic, vintage Carrie doll on my Christmas wish list. =D

Thank you for participating so generously in this giveaway!

Lindsay said... [Reply]

I have a bear I call "daddy bear" because my dad got it for me and it was the first thing he ever got me without my mom helping him shop, lol. I dragged it to three continents and the backyard and threw up on it when I was sick and can't believe it's still in usable condition. Now I let my preschooler snuggle it when he's not feeling well (thank goodness daddy bear is washable!)

Katrin said... [Reply]

I got my own camera at the age of 8 and loved it. Lots of stupid pictures! Thanks!

JaimeDevinXavierVivian said... [Reply]

I would love to make some of these for Claire!

Bailey said... [Reply]

A winnie the pooh wind up stuffed animal. I loved it so much , that's it's threadbare and bald. It's up in the attic, my husband thinks its creepy looking due to his baldness and state of being overloved.

Unknown said... [Reply]

I loved my dolls and making things for them most of all. I read to them too. I think they liked that. :)

Jill said... [Reply]

I asked my dad for a rocking chair about 3 days before Christmas when I was about 4. After a couple of sleepless nights for him, I had one waiting for me under the tree. It's now a family tradition for him to make one for each of his grandchildren on their 1st birthday. I think it's so sweet.

vwlady said... [Reply]

My favorite toy was a Madame Alexander doll that my grandmother gave me for Christmas one year.

Katie B said... [Reply]

I remember a doll my grandmother gave me, and she made lots of clothes for it to wear. Kind of like an old-school American Girl doll!

Housewife59 said... [Reply]

When I was a little girl I had a teddy bear with a growl. He was stuffed with sawdust and had glass eyes on wires! He wouldn't be allowed today - but I loved 'little Ted' so much

Housewife59 said... [Reply]


Sorry, I'm not sure if I am supposed to let you know I am an international entrant. I live in England, UK

Alison V. said... [Reply]

I loved my American Girl doll! :)

Vicki H said... [Reply]

When I was real young my aunt made me a girl sock monkey with the cutest dress.

Ariadne said... [Reply]

As a kid I was given a soft red doll with plastic face.It looked like a Santa but it wasn't.She was my favourite doll.I realised I had to let go when it opened up in many spots and her insides were coming out and it couldn't be fixed.I still remember her big eyes and soft feel.AriadnefromGreece!

niki said... [Reply]

I loved my little red riding hood/ wolf reversible

Sam said... [Reply]

When I was little I had a Raggy Ann and Andy that my Mum made. They were so cute.

Tina said... [Reply]

The Christmas that stands out to me as a child was when I was 9 years old. That was the first year with my step Dad. There is 6 of us kids in the family and he came in and took on the role of Father to us all, as if that wasn't enough of a gift. But that Christmas, my mother and dad went shopping for days and each day came home with so many bags. My brothers and I decided we couldn't wait, so we waited until they were asleep and we found all the gifts, they were in a closet and that closet was tightly packed. The gifts were all wrapped so my brothers gave up, but not me, I unwrapped a few of mine and made sure I didn't tear the paper and put the paper back on when I saw what it was. Well it turns out I wasn't fooling anyone, on Christmas morning we all ran into the living room and we were stepping over presents,( boy I couldn't believe it ). My dad and mother found out what I did and decided NOT to put my presents under the tree and did I cry and cry. My dad talked my mom into giving them to me, 2 hours later. I had gotten every Barbie I asked for.

Unknown said... [Reply]

I used to love my Strawberry shortcake characters. I don't remember, but have seen lots of pictures with me and my toys.

Jocelyn said... [Reply]

Probably my Barbie doll. I never had many clothes for her, but she was still sweet :-) Thank you for the giveaway!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I had a play kitchen that I spent hours cooking in as a child. My two year old daughter uses it now!

Terry@ a quilting blog said... [Reply]

A cooking set with real glass bowls and a coffee pot that 'perked'. Wish I still had it.

Lesley said... [Reply]

My parents gave my sister and I battery powered four wheelers. We were kind of tom boys and we LOVED those toys until we were older and could have our own "real" four wheelers.

JenJohnson said... [Reply]

I had a stuffed rabbit my mom got as a shower gift that I could not live without. I still have him. His name is rab rab.

elizlind said... [Reply]

I can think of 2 - one was Puppy - he was a small leopard that I would carry every where. The second is The Captain - he was a simple puppet with a plastic head (with a captain's hat of course). My dad would make up puppet shows for my brother and I at night with the Captain. Best memories ever.

Goosegirl said... [Reply]

My dollhouse was my very favorite toy! I used to sew curtains and bedding and build furniture for it. I still do, but my little girls plays with it now.

Angela Bullard said... [Reply]

My mother sewed me a stuffed bunny. It's in a box in my closet right now waiting for my little girl to be old enough to break it out again :)

Garilyn S said... [Reply]

One of my friends gave me a stuffed bear. After several years, my little sister (2yrs) set it on top of the hot wood stove. It was kinda scorched on the side of the face, but I still kept it for the longest time.

usagypsy said... [Reply]

I remember I had a little stuffed lamb. It could have been Lamb Chop, I just don't recall. It must have worn out, I really don't remember what happened to it. I just remember I had it with me all the time and once I left it at my grandmothers house and my father had to go back and get it because I refused to go to bed without it.

Unknown said... [Reply]

Wow I'd love this book , thanks for a great giveaway!

Unknown said... [Reply]

my uncle gave me a stuffed dog before we moved for 'protection' when i was 5. i still have it!

Ramona said... [Reply]

My brother had this beautiful handmade doll and I had one too but I would always steal his to play with also as I loved his as much as mine.

Good Golly Ginger - Katie Dold said... [Reply]

My favorite toy was a doll given to me when I was 10. I loved that doll. Thank you for the giveaway!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

My favorite toy was a doll that you could win up and seh moved her head. I still have it!

Sewing Miles of Smiles said... [Reply]

A beautiful doll that I found in the house and my mom told me it was being hidden to give to my cousin. I wanted it so bad. And guess what, it was really for me!

Tammy said... [Reply]

My favorite toy as a small child was this horrid green inchworm ride on toy that had little tiny wheels and handles coming out of his head. it was the most favorite towy ever. I rode and rode and rode him until he literally started falling apart and could no longer be fixed. Then I refused to let my mother throw him away for years. I still remember that toy fondly.

Stephanie Alvarez said... [Reply]

My favorite toy is my teddy bear that I still have. My daughter has it in her crib along with my husband's favorite stuffy (a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle)

ThreadCatcher said... [Reply]

A favorite toy was my Mrs. Beasley doll. I brought her everywhere, she eventually lost her glasses and the 'voice' didn't work but she was still loved. Thanks for the chance at your wonderful giveaway.

Jeanine The Crafting Fiend said... [Reply]

that book looks adorable!! My favourite toy was a doll my mom made me - she crossstitched the face so it matched my colouring and gave it the same hair colour I had and she made a bunch of outfits for her and even a pet mouse!

Beth said... [Reply]

My favorite toy was a stuffed humpty dumpty - he was always happy and just the right size!

Seamstress Erin said... [Reply]

I had a giant stuffed stegosaurus in green velvet handmade for me by my godmother. still have it in a place of honor in my bedroom!

Jen said... [Reply]

I loved all my dolls and stuffed animals (and so do my little girls - age 2 & 4). This book would be awesome!

Emily C said... [Reply]

I had a stuffed dog that was 3 foot tall. He was bigger than I was!

Mom C said... [Reply]

My Aunt made me Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. I don't remember if they were Christmas or birthday but they were well loved and I still have them. Thanks.

chad and cheryl said... [Reply]

My grandma made me a canvas doll house - she's gone now and I treasure it!

Unknown said... [Reply]

I had a Yellow Care Bear ♥ Best wishes from Argentina

Brooke said... [Reply]

My favorite toys were probably Barbie dolls. I do remember loving my Mom's homemade "Humpty Dumpty" but it wasn't mine!

Kathy H said... [Reply]

My mom made me a knitted poncho and I loved it. She didn't do many crafts so it was a real labor of love.

Unknown said... [Reply]

My grandmother made me a clown from disks of woolen fabric - loved it!

Darice said... [Reply]

I still have the lamb my mom made for from my favorite blanket!

DogLover22 said... [Reply]

I still have the pink bunny that my mom gave to me as a very young one!

Harwood Steiger Addict said... [Reply]

My favorite toy was a small stuffed tiger. When one of his eye came off, I was inconsolable. My father attached it to a piece of red vinyl and sewed it back on. Then he cut a circle and slipped it around the other eye so they matched. I was happy.

Diane M said... [Reply]

I don't recall when I got this but I still have my little pink kitty cat that's over 50 years old. It's fur is gone in a lot of places. :-)

Lora said... [Reply]

My favorite was my Raggedy Ann doll. It was store bought but had to have its arm sewn back on several times.

charlotte l said... [Reply]

I have a HUmpty Dumpty doll I slept with till I got married. It was re stuffed and re sewn several times by my Mom. He now is in a special place. Thanks for the chance.

Chiska said... [Reply]

My mom made my sisters and I "awake and asleep dolls" I don't really remember any particular story around the doll, but I still love her. You flip her skirt over her head and another head appears with closed eyes. My little brother had a "Donkey, Donkey" that is the main character in a book by that name. He tried to be like everyone else with dire results and so decided to just be himself. It's a great story. My brother got married in November and was given Donkey, donkey.

Lori Jane said... [Reply]

I love my pink stuffed bunny which I still have. Tail had to be replace a couple times.

Unknown said... [Reply]

I love a stuffed bear my mum gave me because it was her first sewing craft ever. I didn't expecgt it and it was such a great surprise. Thanks for the giveaway!

susan said... [Reply]

dolls were always my favorite gifts.

Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) said... [Reply]

My mum made me a patchwork blanket when I was four or five - absolutely loved it. And I've taken care of it so I still have it and my kids use it now. :)
debyeo at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Mum made me a cabbage patch kid doll when I was younger because we couldn't afford the real thing. She went to so much effort, it was lovely!

greeblygreebly said... [Reply]

I had a black felt cat with a black pom pom tail that I dragged everywhere (often by the pompom tail). I still have it. :) j_momof2@hotmail (dot) com

KT said... [Reply]

I think my favorite toy as a kid was this stuffed monkey. I think I carried it around until it fell apart. My grandma had given it to me when I was a baby...I wish it had held together I see it in family pictures all the time.

Sherri said... [Reply]

Wow, so great! Like many others, my mom made me a Raggedy Ann doll--with a special message just for me embroidered on her heart.

Sherri said... [Reply]

Wow, so great! Like many others, my mom made me a Raggedy Ann doll--with a special message just for me embroidered on her heart.

Sherri said... [Reply]

Wow, so great! Like many others, my mom made me a Raggedy Ann doll--with a special message just for me embroidered on her heart.

Sherri said... [Reply]

Wow, so great! Like many others, my mom made me a Raggedy Ann doll--with a special message just for me embroidered on her heart.

Barbara O. said... [Reply]

My grandma knit a tiger for me when I was born, a long thin tiger that a baby could easily cuddle. I still have it, and I have NOT given it to my kids to play with it because it's mine! :-)
Thanks for the chance!

Unknown said... [Reply]

My g'ma made a bean bag type bunny that was small enough to fit in my hand but not dwarf it. I got to hold it when I used the potty. And I could have it when i was fully potty trained. I wish I still had that bunny. Thank you for the chance :)

rosewendy said... [Reply]

My Grandma was an amazing knitter and produced lovely bright colored dolls for all her grand children. I had a double doll that was a happy girl in a skirt and when turned upside down there was a sad girl.

Nati said... [Reply]

I had my baby boy called Benjamin and I loved him. Thanks for the chance to win.

Mhairi said... [Reply]

I was given my bear when I was born and he is still living with me although my daughter has stolen him and he sleeps in her bed now.
He went everywhere with me and after an unfortunate incident with a yoghurt container and a pot belly stove in which his face got burnt he had to have a full facial reconstruction. My mum had just started making teddy bears and used a white fur with a bit of potpourri to mask the smell of smoke. Then my grandma donated beautiful green glass boot buttons for his eyes. Poor bear, about a year later a new puppy chewed his nose off so my dad had to carefully drill holes in the nose so that it could be resewn on. Thankfully that is all the facial trauma he has suffered from this far. Although he is getting a bit thread bare he is still the best bear a girl could ever want to have in her life.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

My mum made me a cinderella doll dressed in rags. But if you lifted up her skirt and turned her up the other way she was dressed in her ball gown.
I live in the UK

Gill said... [Reply]

I had a much loved knitted mouse - my Mum knitted him and he had a long yellow tail and a red jacket!

Judy H said... [Reply]

I have a little skunk which I had when I was little. It's head is a little wonky now. But since I am 56 it's a miracle it still survives.

Sadie Fox MEtter said... [Reply]

My aunt had made me this purse when I was little. It is a sweet girl and her hands/arms created the handle the of the bag. She wore and apron and a head scarf. There were so many details to this thing. Coincidentally, I was at an estate sale and found the pattern for it! I was thrilled. I have two little girls and this book has so many things they would just love. Thank you for the chance.

Kristin at said... [Reply]

I never received a handmade toy when little. Maybe that is why I make my DD so many! I had a blanket that was quilt-like that I loved and carried all over with me though. It is ragged and falling to pieces but I still have it packed away. Thanks for the chance to win!

Nupur said... [Reply]

I had a doll house and it gave me hours of fun arranging and rearranging the cute little furniture!

Taryn V. said... [Reply]

I got a box full of Babysitter's Club books one year and I felt like I opened a treasure box! It is the main present I remember from my childhood.

dawn - Mi rincón de mariposas said... [Reply]

I had a blue plastic hippo, I slept with him many years!

Laura said... [Reply]

My grandmother gave me a stuffed duck that I named "ducky" and it slept in my bed with me well into my childhood.

rainjerette said... [Reply]

My mom and I were out together and she bought me a Russian Nesting Doll. I still have it and have been able to collect a few more.

Kate said... [Reply]

I had an awesome teddy bear named Merryweather. Thanks for hosting!

Serena said... [Reply]

My mom made me a bunny that I named Beatrice, as a nod to Beatrix Potter.

Needled Mom said... [Reply]

I remember getting a doll house from my grandparents and I spent hours and hours playing with it.

Wendy said... [Reply]

It looks like a lovely book! I had a stuffed walrus called Wally. he was only small, about 4" long and filled with some kind of pellets. That walrus went everywhere with me and there was hell to play if I lost him! I remember him going for a swim in the toilet once or twice!

Born4Travel said... [Reply]

My favorite childhood toy was a handmade peanut from my Auntie. It was during the Carter administration. There were little peanuts that you could take out. It was about the size of a teddy bear. Just right to sleep with. My daughter now has it.

Katie.Herzog said... [Reply]

I remember the blankee my Nana made for me. I still have it in my hope chest! Thanks for the give away!

Karrie said... [Reply]

I remember a very small terry cloth blue elephant stuffed animal I loved. I love all my stuffed animals. I slept with one every night and the others slept at the end of my bed. I rotated so no one would feel left out :) I also loved the Care Bears. I had a Care Bear Cousin raccoon that I loved. thanks for the chance to win! One of your Pinterest links on the rafflecopter is broken!, -karrie

Allison said... [Reply]

I received a white bear when I was just a few days old; she's carefully stored away for when I have a child someday.

Little Ella Lu said... [Reply]

I had a doll that I was sure my grandpa gave me at a toy swap, but it turns out I dreamed the whole thing and it was my parents who gave it to me at Christmas.

EmileeHope said... [Reply]

Great giveaway! I always loved a doll I had that was my dads when he was a boy!

Sarah said... [Reply]

My aunt made me a homemade cabbage patch doll and my mom a whole wardrobe for it. Istill have it ;0

CraftyHourMom said... [Reply]

My Oma (grandmother) sewed two dolls with yarn hair and embroidered faces for me when I was three, i think. Jan and Janneke they were called! She sewed little clothes and knitted sweaters for them too.

(I have that set of tube turners! Love them)

Kitty Vane said... [Reply]

My grandmother made me and my brother a pair of teddy bears when we were born. The bears were bigger than us back then, but we soon grew bigger. :) I still have my bears with me, well over 30 years later.

Mare said... [Reply]

When I was around 15 my family was talking about teddy bears and I whined that I never had one. Christmas morning there was one under the tree for me!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I loved some sewing cards I had as a kid. They were designs and came with yarn and a needle. It was kind of like doing dot to dots.

senstrings (at) yahoo (dot) com

Unknown said... [Reply]

I had a stuffed platypus I called Duck!
-Julie intrepidtwins at gmail

Julia C said... [Reply]

My grandma made me a Raggedy Ann doll which I still have. I still remember when she gave it to me.


Ana e os Viraventos said... [Reply]

Hi from Portugal. My favorite toy was not handmade, but it was a rag doll I called Bibi! Thanks for the giveaway. Ana

Unknown said... [Reply]

Toddler Taxi! My mom kept it and now my kids play with it…make me smile every time I see it!

meeshelle said... [Reply]

My favorite toy was my care bear - friendship bear :)

Nikita said... [Reply]

Thanks for an amazing giveaway! That would be probably when I was 13 or so..a very old family friend I would consider a grandmother gave me a barbie, with some hand made clothing items.. a southern ball gown complete with the hat and parasol to go along with it. It was gorgeous.

The Branch Family said... [Reply]

Wow, what a great giveaway! I had a stuffed dog named "Butch". I loved Butch and had many grand adventures with him.

The Branch Family said... [Reply]

Wow, what a great giveaway! I had a stuffed dog named "Butch". I loved Butch and had many grand adventures with him.

sofen said... [Reply]

One of my favorites must be my monkey. I got him when I was maybe 7 or 8, and I just loved him! (He was a stuffed toy, not real ;) )


Drae said... [Reply]

My favorite toy was a stuffed dog. Kept it so long it turned into one of those matted messes with no eyes

enbartlett said... [Reply]

I had 2 special stuffed animals that I still have today sitting on my dresser. One was a blue bear and the other was a red bull.

Jayne said... [Reply]

My favorite toy was my doll called 'little miss no name'! I loved her so much and she was just pitiful! A few years back, my husband hunted one down and I received it for christmas!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I still have a Barbie my mother bought me that has 3 layer beautiful big dress which is knitted, thanks.
smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

Julia said... [Reply]

I have a dinosaur I used to love as a child! Now he sits on a shelf to keep me company :)

Kristy @ Quiet Play said... [Reply]

I have a special teddy named Teserina that has been with me since I was 2. I don't let my kids play with her these days though as she's starting to fall apart (sad but clearly she's well loved ;) )

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Stephanie said... [Reply]

Well this is super cheesy but I got a barbie mansion, and I actually still have it. Well my daughter has it. I thought I was the coolest ever with that mansion!

Bethany said... [Reply]

I got a my child doll and still have it.

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said... [Reply]

I had a Raggedy Anne doll - pretty much the only doll I had because I was more a crayon kind of kid!!

Unknown said... [Reply]

I had a (very standard) baby doll that I named "Diana Lay" which I thought was the most beautiful name in the world. I made clothes and things for her for many many years, and now my kids play with her. :)

Lauren said... [Reply]

I had a small brown bear named Oswald from Fisher Price. Not big into stuffed animals, but I'm 25 now and I still have him.

Pre said... [Reply]

Great giveaway - thanks! I had a bean-filled frog that I loved!

DebraKay Neiman said... [Reply]

When my baby brother Scott was born I was 8 years old and my two sisters were younger. Mom got us each a cloth body baby doll with plastic head and limbs. It was a little floppy like a real baby. She also got us each a little cradle for the doll. I remember sitting and watching Scott in his crib while holding that doll. Merry Christmas. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

EG said... [Reply]

My grandfather made me a dollhouse, and all the furniture to go in it!

Cecilia said... [Reply]

My Mom made all of my Barbie doll clothes for me. I know it isn't one toy, but these clothes were crocheted and sewn and they were fabulous.

Cat G. said... [Reply]

My dad made me a wooden rocking horse. I loved that horse. Thanks!

Unknown said... [Reply]

My grandmother made a doll for me!

Amanda said... [Reply]

I had a teddy bear named Wuzzy (Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear!) and he was my favorite... now he is all worn out!

Heather said... [Reply]

I was given a stuffed animal that was named Grandma Mouse. She's a sweet little mouse with an apron and bonnet, I still have her and give her a squeeze from time to time. It's one of the only things I had from my Grandmother when I was adopted at the age of 2. I really would love to read this book. I think I'm going to buy it even if I don't win. Thanks, Heather

atabanana29 said... [Reply]

I had a bunny that came free when you opened an account at a bank. I carried that thing around everywhere! I'm 36 and I still have it!

Jodi said... [Reply]

My mother made me a "Cabbage Patch Doll" when I was little, it had the dimples and the wool hair but it had a fabric face instead of the official plastic face one. I loved her dearly and still have her today.

Mika said... [Reply]

My parents bought me a Puppy Surprise and I LOVED it! Anyone remember those?

Tina said... [Reply]

My absolute most favorite toy that I had (and still have) was a sewing machine. It was old as sin and had one speed only but it was a great starter machine!

quilt455 said... [Reply]

Mine was a Chatty Kathy doll. I was certain the doll was named after me

Annie said... [Reply]

I had a little Eeyore doll that I loved. We got a new dog (Jack Russell Terrier) who chewed up Eeyore and ate his eye off. My older sister sewed Eeyore a little eye patch and fixed him all up. I still have my little patched up doll. :-)

Kellie Staton said... [Reply]

I loved my Mrs Beasley doll when I was a little girl. I am showing my age, LOL. Buffy on Family Affair had a Mrs Beasley doll so a lot of little girls did too.

Christie said... [Reply]

I was given a stuffed koala from my parents, I loved her and slept with her for years. I recently made a replica of her for my youngest son and love that he sleeps with it each night too.

Sangeetha said... [Reply]

the only toy that I had was a cute little doll - since she was my only toy, she received a lot of love. I loved my marble collection too

Jo said... [Reply]

Someone I do not know who left a stuffed Panda on my dads desk the day they adopted me. This poor bear was my constant companion for years and was mended many times. We went on adventures together we ate together we were sick together, I am surprised my mom got me to bath alone you see we were both adopted. I still have DeDe and though he is now a thread bear, bear there are times I still dig him out to hug.

Unknown said... [Reply]

My grams sewed me a stuffed bunny with floppy went every where with me ;)

Michele said... [Reply]

Honeyhill Bunch dolls - a group of little cloth dolls with their rickety car/wagon and an ice cream stand

LittleHouseontheDairy said... [Reply]

I remember when my brother have me Teddy Ruxpin and my aunt gave me my first barbie

Kathy Davis said... [Reply]

My favorite toy was my Raggedy Ann doll. I loved her so much that I literally wore her face off. I still have her after 60 years. She sits in my laundry room and makes me smile, unfortunately she can't smile back! Thanks, Kathy

Elizabeth S. said... [Reply]

When I was 5, my mom made me a sculpted face doll that was almost as big as I was (I was only 5). However at the time she made it, she didn't have time to put on the yarn hair before she gave it to me. For two years, my bald headed dolly and I were bestest friends and she even stayed by my side through surgeries and hospital stays. When I was 7, my mom finally got around to putting the hair on my dolly, and thought it would be fun to surprise me with it. I came home one day from school and was horrified to find my dolly with hair! It was _so_ wrong. I wanted to hide in my room and cry. But I could see my mom was so excited and wanted to surprise me, that I faked my happiness and saved my tears for under covers that night. I got over it in a few days, but lesson learned about surprising kids. Now my mom and I laugh about it and she told me that at the time she gave it to me, she realized that maybe it shouldn't have been a surprise ;) Thirty-one years later, my dolly still has a treasured spot in my heart and tucked in a special spot in the closet. My husband thinks she's an old worn out, kinda creepy doll, but to me she's just as special as 30 years ago. :)

Unknown said... [Reply]

Favorite toy was the easy bake oven! Great giveaway hope I win, thanks!!

Kimberly said... [Reply]

My favorite doll when I was a kid was a Ronald McDonald doll. I have pictures of me toting him around everywhere!

Southern Gal said... [Reply]

My favorite doll was a Baby Thumbelina, a gift from my grandmother. I still have her even though she is falling apart now.

SIMPLESEW said... [Reply]

Misses Beasley

Unknown said... [Reply]

I was given a Mr T doll when I was little. I still have him, minus a few toes. I think I was a chewer :) hayleymstephens at gmail dot com

Unknown said... [Reply]

My best friend's mother, later to be my adopted mother, used to make dolls for a living. She made my friend and I matching dolls for our birthdays one year and it was my absolute favorite thing in the whole world.

Rocksteadyemme said... [Reply]

I still have my favotrite childhood stuffed animal, a baby gorilla named Minnie.

cupcake mama said... [Reply]

My all time favorite toy as a child was a Red Riding Hood doll that turned to the wolf when you flipped it over and pulled Riding Hoods skirt down. My aunt got it for me at the Portland, Or. Saturday Market. I wish more than anything I still had that doll....
mmjohnson555 at gmail dot com

Lyn said... [Reply]

I had a 'teddy dog' I was given shortly after I was born. It was like a teddy bear in that it had arms, legs, and sat like a teddy bear, but it had a nose and ears like a dog. I still have it today (ummm...let's just say that we are both over 50)....fur worn in spots, an eye sewn shut where the safety eye got lost, stitches on the tummy where he had emergency surgery to remove the wind-up music box when it stopped working.. but it's one of my favorite stuffed animals.

Jeannie said... [Reply]

The best toy I ever had was made by my Grandma when I was still too little to use it! A flooring store went out of business near where she worked, so she grabbed all of the carpet sample books before they went into a dumpster, took them home, and made giant floor turtles for me and my brother and my cousins. I still remember playing cowboys with my brother, riding our turtles into the sunset. The last four - the ones at Grandma's house - finally gave up the ghost when the house flooded a few years ago. Those turtles made it almost 30 years.

Breanna S. said... [Reply]

my grandmother gave me a small baby doll that had moving arms, legs, and the head turned. I still have that small baby.

PersimonDreams said... [Reply]

I was given a big bunny when I was little. I took it everywhere with me. 31 years later I still have bunny and it still comforts me when I need it!

lapaceksorchard at gmail dot com

Lisa Cox said... [Reply]

I have a stuffed Winnie the Pooh bear I got when I was 4. I used to carry it around everywhere and I even practiced being a veterinarian on it.

Courtney said... [Reply]

I have a green Care Bear that was my favorite and I can still remember taking it to the hospital with me when I had my tonsil's removed as a small child. The well loved bear is now finding more love from my 3 young daughters.

courtneyahrenholtz at

Crystal Hendrix said... [Reply]

My mom made me my own raggedy ann and andy dolls!!! LOVE THEM!

KD-Quilts said... [Reply]

My grandmother made me a humpty dumpty doll when I was born. I had my special blankies and was so funny about their smell if we went anywhere that I would tuck them in dogitty (couldn't say humpty dumpty and the name stuck) I still have that doll sitting on a shelf in my closet!

kellythom747 said... [Reply]

i remember my dad being in awe when I got a barbie when I was a kid- that thing was magical

m hoch drei said... [Reply]

I have a big bear named PEZ, I still have it, and I got it when I was much smaller than this bear. I had it in bed every night.
And I whish you a merry chrismas !

Bethany said... [Reply]

I got a mychild doll when I was younger I loved it very much and it still sits on my dresser today.

Robin said... [Reply]

Of course I loved getting a brand new baby doll each Christmas. But my very favorite toy I ever got was an Easy Bake Oven! Man, was that some delish 1/2' cake!!!!!

pippirose said... [Reply]

My favourite toy was doll, which my mom sewed clothes for, and my dad made a cradle for. Just loved it!

Material Girl said... [Reply]

I had 2 dolls when I was really young. One was a rag doll named Raggedy old Barbara(my mothers name). The other, my favorite, was Beautiful Alice( my aunts name). Raggedy old Barbara got into a sticker bush and only my mother knows what happened to Beautiful Alice.

principeta said... [Reply]

Wow!!!!This is the best from all on the list.Lovely giveaway,so generous of you.Thank you for the chance to win it.When I was very little,almost 2 my parents get me 2 bears,one big-bigger then me it was at that time and other one smaller.That little one I carry with me all the time,if he wasn't with us we have to return it for him =o),on most pictures I am holding him.Now with my soon to be 38(these saturday) still have them both,they are at my parents.=o)

Unknown said... [Reply]

Mine was a stuffed dog that I dragged around by the tail. Merry Christmas!

Lia*s Handmades said... [Reply]

My favourite toy was a little black baby doll that I got when I was about 3 or so. His name is Tom and he went everywhere with me as a kid...30 years later and I still have him, but he's safely tucked away somewhere in our storage room lol

Thanks for the chance!

Katie said... [Reply]

My great-aunt crocheted barbie dresses and bonnets with matching ones for me to wear. They are so precious to me since she has passed on.

Shannon said... [Reply]

i was a stuffed animal kid: I had two best friends, puppy and froggy

Allison Sews said... [Reply]

The only toy I really remember was my wind-up music teddy bear. He was well loved and is still around here somewhere.

Mara said... [Reply]

I had a stuffed rabbit that was worn out, but my mom still has it.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I had a stuffed elephant that played "You Are My Sunshine"

Kathy H said... [Reply]

I had a teddy bear that a friend gave me.

redzshadow said... [Reply]

I was given a 110 fisher price camera when I was 4 or 5. It was the best toy I ever got.

Patty said... [Reply]

i remember my first bicycle (not sure if this counts as a toy) getting this on christmas morning but having to wait before you could ride because of snow! happy holidays.

Barbara Bradford said... [Reply]

I have no memories of any toys, so I called my brothers and they have no memories. Then I looked through all the old pictures and there it was a dark navy blue doll buggy with rubber wheels. I love a good mystery.

Southern Girl said... [Reply]

I never was a toy person...just like my kid. I do remember getting a REAL FUR COAT (rabbit, cheap, all patched together) when I was like 12. It was my dream coat. Combined christmas and gift ever.

Heather62 said... [Reply]

I had a topsy turvy doll of Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma and the Wolf. I loved it until it was falling apart. I made one like it for my daughters.

Nicole said... [Reply]

I had a homemade Cabbage Patch doll from my grandmother. I loved that doll!

Judy said... [Reply]

I had a stuffed Elephant as a child. I loved it to tatters. My mom has recovered it often. I still have it now. It is covered in blue and white herringbone double knit. I no longer looks like an elephant! Thanks for the giveaway!

Pieced Brain Quilt Designs said... [Reply]

My first and only doll...

Tas said... [Reply]

I remember that I have a pile of stuffed animals. I was not a doll girl at all. Not a Barbie in sight but bears everywhere.

sb said... [Reply]

My favorite was a stuffed lamb that I named "Lambie." I still have him and my daughter plays with him now. It's very sweet.

Megan said... [Reply]

Oh this book looks so sweet! I might have to treat myself if I don't win. When I was around 4 or so I was very into Annie (it was the first movie I saw in the theater). My Mom and Aunt made myself and my two sisters each a life-sized Annie doll. Thanks for this incredible giveaway!

Carmen N said... [Reply]

My mother made my sister and I crocheted panda bears one year. She added a star to my sister's - kind of like the Dr Seuss characters (sneetches?) but mainly so we could tell them apart.

elflyn said... [Reply]

I loved my teddy bear. He was given to me as a baby and I treasure him to this day.

Sreevidya said... [Reply]

I had received a cloth alphabet book, It had bright red colored pages and the outer cover was themed as a watermelon I think. I really enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for the giveaway.

Cristal @ Dapple Design said... [Reply]

I loved my teddy bear too, and now my little girl plays with him.

nicolesender said... [Reply]

I had a Madame Alexander doll that was given to me for my birthday. I learned to sew making clothes for her.

Lynn M said... [Reply]

When I was a little girl, my parents where divorced. I have two brothers. We were split up. They would visit me sometimes, but not much. I was always lonely and wished I had a sister. So my grandma made me a little sister doll. I loved that thing, and I played with it for years.

Sarah said... [Reply]

I had a beanbag Paddington Bear which was my favourite toy and our dog got hold of it, took it out to the garden where it ripped and scattered the plastic pellets all over the grass. We liked in the middle of nowhere and had no access to craft supplies so my Mum hoovered the grass to retrieve the pellets so that she could repair it before bedtime!

Margaret said... [Reply]

My mom made me a raggady ann doll when I was young. I carried it around until it fell apart. She must have repaired it a hundred times. I loved it.

EightPP said... [Reply]

My favorite toy I was ever given was my cabbage patch doll. Her name was Hildy and she had 2 bright red braids and I really loved her. I got her for Christmas when I was 8 years old.

Unknown said... [Reply]

I grew up in foster homes. I had a rabbit puppet, it went from place to place with me, until it just fell apart.

EG said... [Reply]

My grandfather made me a dollhouse, and all the furniture to fill it.

Erika said... [Reply]

When I was about five, my mother sewed a dollhouse for me that zipped close and could be carried around. She even made a little squirrel family to live in there. I loved that house and am looking forward to making one for my daughter now.

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