Monday, February 10, 2014

My Crafty Valentines

After a few months of pure stress, illnesses and so much other stuff, I decided to have some fun. Plain and simple fun, in the studio for a whole week. Now that it has passed, it doesn't sound like much, but it was exactly what I needed to do. I just may have to do it again, and next time I'll lengthen it to a whole month - who's going to join me?

For a few days, I worked on making some crafty Valentines, for all those crafty people in our lives. It all started with the Clover Wonder clips. I had this little note on repeat in my brain "you are so wonderful" and thought it would be fun to send some wonder clips with the note. Then the spark flew and ignited all these other crafty product ideas for Valentines. I just couldn't resist.

To print out these crafty valentine tags, click on the picture above (print on paper or card stock). They are 4" x 2" and will fit across a 4" candy bag. If you are making baggies, and want to use the tag as a tab top, print the tags on regular paper. Cut a plain white piece of 4" x 4" card stock, fold it in half, and glue the tag on the front side of the tab. When dry, staple it to the top of the bag. If the item is larger, print the tags on card stock so they are durable, punch a hole in the corner or center of the tag, and tie it to the product with a piece of ribbon.


Here's the master Crafty Valentine list and I'll add to it as I come up with more - or as you all add comments below:

Sewing, Scissors, Notions, Fabric:

  1. I wonder if you'll be my Valentine - Clover Wonder Clips
  2. I've always Felt you were the Valentine for me - Wool Felt (National Nonwovens)
  3. I'm strung out on you - Bakers Twine
  4. You're as cute as a button - Buttons Galore and More
  5. You turn me right round baby right round - Dritz Turning Tube set, and EZ-Pull Bodkin
  6. We're the perfect pair - Fiskars Dress Shears and a fabric Fat Quarter wrapped around them
  7. I would pick you any day to be my Valentine - Dritz seam ripper, Dritz assorted needle pack, Aurifil Gutterman or Coats & Clark Thread
  8. You are sew special to me - mini travel sewing kit
  9. I love you sew much - Go big.....go for a Sewing Machine
  10. You Rule Valentine - give with a new acrylic ruler for rotary cutting
  11. I'm stuck on you Valentine - Present with a box of pins
  12. You're a cut above the rest - Sizzix, Brother or Cricut cutting machine, or scissors and fabric fat quarters
  1. You can count on me when things get sticky - Phoomph and non stick Westcott Scissors (would also work well for Duck Tape and a pair of scissors).
  2. I'm stuck on you Valentine - Washi or Duck tape
  3. You're just ducky Valentine - Duck Tape minis
  4. You're just write for me - Copic, Microns anything you can write with and a cute Journal
  1. I'm hooked on you Valentine - Crochet hooks, and Lion Brand BonBons (also looks like buoys)
  2. I can't resist your pull - Crochet hooks and yarn
  3. You light up my life - light up crochet hook

If you have some crafty people in your lives...which of My Crafty Valentines will you be giving out this year? Have any other crafty valentine ideas, please share them below!

I love you all - thanks for visiting my blog. To find out more about my book Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love, click the book link to the right. To sign up for my 'lovely' newsletters, click the link below. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

(Disclaimer:  some of this product was purchased by me at craft stores - because I craft and shop (shocker - I know). Some was given to me at trade shows, during one event or another from various companies. Some products are even left overs from previous blog hops. But none of that really matters since it's about the idea and sharing the idea with all of you. I was not paid to use these products, and do not serve as advertisements)


quilty stitches said... [Reply]

I can't believe how many cute ideas you have here,,,amazing!! Thanx for sharing these super ideas.

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]

@kim leavens

Thanks so much Kim. Glad you like them! I'm happy to share - it helps get everything out of my head to make room for more. lol. kg

Pinetree Studios said... [Reply]

Wonderful ideas ~ thank you so much for sharing!!! AND ~ Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]

@Pinetree Studios

Thank you Pine Tree studios! I'm glad you like them. Have a great week. kg

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