Friday, November 8, 2013

Sewing Tales Book Blog Hop: Day 5 and A Turkey Bunny Cover-Up

Good Morning everyone.

Today is the last day of the Sewing Tales Book Blog Hop, someone pass me the tissues. It's been so much fun seeing all the projects others have made and their stories; the why or who they have made it  for, and the memories it sparked.

Later today I will take a much needed nap, and make chicken noodle soup in the hopes of curing this cold that is just now running through our house. I will probably go back through the week of posts and enjoy reading them again and all the comments - and you should to. Why? Because some of them are giving away some of the goodies. Until then, let's read the bloggers posts for today:

I was working last night on the final bonus project but it wasn't shaping up as I hoped it would. I'm going to rework it today and post it when it's ready. In the meantime, you can enjoy those blog posts up above, and come up with a funny caption for my trial and error photo shoot from last night, before I decided that going to bed would be my best defense against this nasty cold. Isn't she so funny?! She was having a giggle fest in her little get up and couldn't help herself and finally fell over laughing!

Ok - off to reworked this outfit, and then get some thumbcovers shipped, then a nap while soup simmers on the stove.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I hope you have entered for your chance to win a copy of my book and a goodie box the size of Texas to go with it on my giveaway post!

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Kate said... [Reply]

Love the hat with ears!

Seaweed and Raine said... [Reply]

I was trying to think of a good name for her - but she keeps reminding me of a friend from uni days - Bec Barker who was doing a BA in visual arts and used to wear some cute and quirky outfits! :)

Seaweed and Raine said... [Reply]

That was Because Harker ... Didn't check for auto correct! lol

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]

@Seaweed and Raine

Hi Sheree - So I'm thinking auto correct got you twice?! lol. Happens to me all the time. The little gnome in this pic is Piper from my book. I'm still working on the outfit - got another idea today too, but was catching up on etsy orders and being sick. Thanks for your comment - I was in an arts program too - love me some cute and quirky. LOL!

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]


Thanks Kate! There were some things I needed to change - so I gave up for the day. Back to the cutting board for take 2! Will still have those ears though. : )

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