Monday, June 3, 2019

Sew Plush Planner SAL - Week 1 Cover Contest

Good morning all! I'm so excited to be hosting this Kid Giddy Sew Plush Planner sew along! Although the word "Sew" is in it's title, the Sew Plush Planner is also a travel organizer that is great for other crafts and hobbies, including but not limited to Planning, Journaling, Cross Stitching, Embroidery, Crocheting, Knitting, Scrapbooking, Metal Smithing, etc. If you have a lot of little things and tools that need to be carried around to classes or on vacations, this is a great catch all organizer to bring along with you. If you want to see a video of all the features - check it out this previous post.

First thing first, if you have not yet purchased a copy of the Sew Plush Planner from my Kid Giddy Etsy shop, you can do so here.... Whatever you do, please do not share your purchased pattern with someone else as it will upset me greatly. Please abide by my copyrights. Thank you! The Sew Plush Planner pattern will also come with some cute Bullet Planner Page blocks that are fun foundation paper piecing blocks to sew and use on the inside of your Sew Plush Planner if you'd like, or as it's own mini or quilt.

Here's the Schedule we will follow:
Week 1 - Cover
Week 2 - Pages 1/2 and 3/4
Week 3 - Pages 5/6 and 7/8
Week 4 - Pages 9/10
Week 5 - Pages 11/12
Week 6 - Assembly

Some of you may want to jump ahead and get some of your Sew Plush Planners done before the July 4th weekend and I don't blame you, they truly are great for traveling! If you do jump ahead, be sure to check in each week and share your pages for that week. All photos should be shared on Instagram using the hashtag #sewplushplanner.

Week 1 is all about the cover - so why not make it a cover contest! I decided I wanted to try something different than my first Sew Plush Planner, which lead from one idea to the next to the what can you come up with?

I started my second Sew Plush Planner cover with my Westie Dog Block pattern. I wanted one with a green background and used this beautiful Sunprint 2019 pattern "Daydream" in "Clover" from Alison Glass.
Then I had this other idea...I have tons of button/badge pins and I haven't decided what to do with them, but the stash keeps growing. As I was working on the Westie cover, I thought, hey I could use a Sew Plush Planner to keep my pins on (or "in" for all of the pin collectors out there). So I laid out all of my button pins and sought my husband's assistance for selecting enough to put on the front and back cover. I realized the pins could get hooked on things so I added some vinyl to the top which reminds me of those bottle cap counter tops and tables you see at restaurants!

If you add some vinyl to your cover, be sure to place the binding on from the front side (not the inside as shown on Fig 2 in the Cover Prep section of the pattern PDF). By placing it on the front side, it will protect the vinyl from the feed dogs and will allow you to flip the binding over and hand sew the binding to the zipper (not the vinyl). Who wants to hand stitch through vinyl? Not me!

Here's the inside of the cover. I'm thinking I'm going to hand stitch a little covering over the inside to make it prettier...but haven't decided on that just yet.

As I was working on the button/badge pin idea...I realized I also have tons of patches. Remember all those Moda Merit Badges that came out not long ago? Yeah - those! I grabbed all of those and some of my other stashed patches and got to work on yet another Sew Plush Planner.

Are you keeping track? That means I am currently sewing a lot of Sew Plush Planners all at once - 5 to be exact! Call me crazy - I'm used to it. My daughter even said I was being selfish sewing myself 3 more Sew Plush Planners when they don't have one yet! LOL.

To be fair - I'm also making one for my twin sister (@MossAndLotus) and one for my bestie (the one with the Vintage Photo Album blocks)! They both know about them to a degree, but I'm keeping some of the final details a secret until after they get their presents.

So let's see what you've got on your cover?! And what will you be using your Sew PLush Planner for? Please be sure to share your Sew Plush Planner sew along pics with me on instagram. Tag me @kidgiddy on the photo and use the hashtags #sewplushplanner and #kidgiddy in the captions! I'm truly looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Thanks so much for visiting!

Disclosure: I received some Alison Glass fabric to use at my discretion and picked up the Moda Merit Badges while at quilt market a couple of years ago as they were given away. Expressed opinions are always my own. There are no affiliate links. Thank you.


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