Friday, August 30, 2013

Kid Giddy Studio Series - Part 1

More than 9 months ago my husband and I began renovating an empty space above the garage to accommodate a new and much larger studio space for me to work in and for all of us to create in (it's not just my space but sometimes I pretend it is - after all we are all artist - so we all need the creative space).It's been a long and stressful process but the end results are beginning to show and we couldn't be happier! I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel (and through all the dust)! Thank goodness we are working with an awesome contractor and his really funny crew - otherwise this would've been impossible to get through.

So here are some before and in progress pics..... 
This is Ed. This is what the space looked like before (minus all that gorgeous light). No dry wall. No insulation. Nothing.
This is Kyle. They are all daredevils - made me so nervous...they were putting up the structural beam and took off one side of the roof...
The day before a storm and we had a little bit of a roof and side wall. I'm sure some critters sought refuge in there every night - but don't tell me - I don't want to know!
 This is the new side dormer from the back view.
I went up and looked out and found this guy...Mr DJ.
 I was finally starting to feel the creative vibes flowing - we had one side up and one side to go.
We used to have stairs in the back of the garage that led up to the space. Eventually that would be closed off - so they had to raise the roof on the entryway to accommodate the new stairs...
That's my cutie husband checking out the progress...notice the snow in the valley of the old roof line?! All this was done in the thick of winter. It was bitterly cold - thank goodness the guys had handwarmers - I couldn't do what they do!
While the studio was being girls were getting creative leaving a message under our new bedroom rug for any future homeowners...if there ever will be. They were home from school due to the Blizzard on Feb 8th!
The sharpies are not acid free...but hopefully they will last a lifetime or beyond under the cover of the rug. I guess we will have to wait 20+ years to see! The girls (and I) had such a blast doing this! I highly recommend it.
The best part of doing all the renovating is picking all the new light fixtures, paint colors, and all the little details. I'll be sharing some of those pics too - stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll come by to see more of the finished pics as I (we) continue to "move in" to the space.


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Oh this is a wonderful space....congratulations. ADOPT ME!
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