Sunday, October 16, 2022

The Official Puppy Portraits Stitch-a-long Finish

Although the Puppy Portraits stitch-a-long is over, I wanted to share some of the finished puppies and share the overall design. I thoroughly enjoyed creating and stitching this project just in time during covid when I needed something good to focus on. 

If you are new to hearing about the Puppy Portraits stitch a long, you can find out more about it in the first June and more about the Aurifil company. I also had a chance to talk to Erin a bit and shared a lot about this project and why I love Aurifil. You can read all about it over on their Auribuzz blog.

Since the close of the stitch-a-long, I'm excited to share that we all collectively donated $3015 to various charities and organizations. I have no doubt each donation made a difference for someone! Thank you so much to everyone that participated in this idea of mine and hope you'll continue to share your finished puppy portraits with me.

Did you missed the stitch-a-long? Don't can now purchase the pattern in my KidGiddy Etsy shop. You will receive a PDF that includes all of the frames numbered in the order in which the puppy portraits should be stitched.

If you'd like to order  the Puppy Portraits collection and your color choice of Lugana precut linen, you can also find it in my Kid Giddy Etsy shop. I have I have a few Puppy Portraits kits remaining in inventory. 

This Puppy Portraits cross stitch pattern includes 12 different puppies in various frames and the pattern comes with 3 different style counting cross stitch frames. The Aurifil Puppy Portraits Floss collection comes with 20 beautiful colors to assist you in getting all of the colors needed for the project.

Have any questions? Please let me know in the comments below or drop me a dm through Kid Giddy on Instagram. Thank you again to all that participated and a HUGE thank you to Erin at Aurifil for making this stitch-a-long happen! I could not have done it without her! Happy stitching as always everyone!

Disclosure: There are no affiliate links. Thank you.


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