Monday, January 16, 2017

Partnering with Electric Quilt

Hi everyone,

I have some exciting news. You all know how much I love designing paper piecing designs in EQ7 right? Well the folks over at Electric Quilt love that I’m designing with their program too and have asked me to be one of their Media Partners. A perfect partnership!
To give you a little background about my paper piecing/EQ7 journey…It all started with a mini quilt swap in April 2014 that I signed up for. My partner said she loved all things nautical so I got this idea to make an anchor. I was still new to quilting in general but wanted to make an anchor and didn’t know how – (at that point I still didn’t know how to do raw edge applique or needle turn either – yes I was really new to quilting). Somehow paper piecing was way more interesting to me so that is where I set my sights.
I had been hearing for a few months all about paper piecing but had no idea what it was and what that meant. The more I looked around the more I learned about the process and had enough ‘curious cat’ in me to figure it out. That’s when I discovered The Electric Quilt Company. Much to my dismay, the PC version had been out for years, but they were still working on the program for the MAC and were releasing it soon, but hadn’t yet. What to do while I wait? I tried designing a paper-pieced anchor on graph paper so it would be easier to get me up and running on the program. I got it all drawn out on paper and still wasn’t sure I was doing it right and took Amy (Friend) up on her offer to email my drawing just to be sure I had done it right (btw - she’s one of the EQ Ambassadors this year). If you click on the link above - you can read the comments and share in my #idontknowwhatimdoing hashtag! lol.
A month or so later the program came and I was thoroughly hooked. Everything new has a learning curve, but I quickly found answers on their website for anything I couldn’t figure out on my own. They really have an answer for everything! Now I can't stop myself from making more difficult blocks and pushing the program to it's limit (a limit of which I have yet to find).

About 2 years after beginning this paper piecing journey the folks at Electric Quilt Co. named me one of their #doyoueq artists and now almost 3 years later one of their Media Partners and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’ve really enjoyed making so many new designs to fit my needs (like the chair above that I made last year for my husband’s quilt), and making blocks for friends like this one above I made recently for Giusepe to match his (Giucy_Giuce) logo.

I am also having fun making random blocks like the Christmas Sweater block (a play on the Ugly sweaters everyone wears to holiday parties) and hosting sew-alongs to encourage more fun.
If you are still wondering how paper piecing works…Here’s this analogy that I hope helps to explain it the best way I know how…Think of the game “Pick Up Sticks”. When playing pick up sticks (which are usually longer and colorful), the object of the game is to pick up as many sticks, one at a time, without moving any of the others. Meaning you can’t just grab them all at once. Paper piecing is similar but works in the opposite order. As you lay down the fabric, and sew on each line of the paper, you have to put them down in a particular order, one by one, as they will lay over each other line by line. As you sew each piece, you are sewing on the paper with the fabric underneath, flipping the fabric and trimming seam allowances as you go. When you have a design that has a perpendicular line next to a section that has another perpendicular line lower or higher, it splits the block into multiple sections. I hope that makes sense. You can visit some of my previous learning how to paper piece tutorials starting at the Land of Magic Crown tutorial.

Thanks so much for stopping by and thank you especially to the Electric Quilt Co for including me in this new program. I'll have a fun block to share with you later this month so keep an eye open for that. In the meantime, let me know in the comments below what you love about paper piecing, and any questions about paper piecing and the EQ7 Electric Quilt Program that you have. I'd love to help answer some of them and might chose your question to work a tutorial off of!

Disclaimer: This blog may accept forms of compensation, including cash and product, and although I may be paid for this post all opinions of the Electric Quilt Company and EQ7 are always my own. There are no affiliate links. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Chip and Joanna the Moose Couple

So it's been a few weeks since market and I haven't officially introduced my new Kid Giddy Sizzix dies with you yet here on my blog. When Amy Friend (duringquiettime) asked me to be a part of Pat Bravo's Heartland fabric blog tour - I knew I wanted to make a cute little Kid Giddy Moose. And when you make a cute little moose, you have a make a friend for it too.

For those of you that have known me or at least have known my work, know that I have always given my stuffed friends a name and a story (just like in my book: Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love). I messaged my sister to see if she had any suggestions for these two moose. She came back with a few, and then suggested Chip and Joanna! I mean seriously - who doesn't love Fixer Upper?! What's funny is that while I was sewing the girl moose - the fabric reminded me of vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips! But in this case - the boy moose needed to take the name Chip. lol. That was settled, it's Chip and Joanna!
So here's a closer look at Chip...He loved to wear his suspenders on the farm and to church. (The moose overalls were made with the bottom half of the moose body piece, as well as the bottom oval piece. I attached the leg pieces to the front of the "shorts" and the back legs pieces to the oval. Because I had already sewn him up, his feet were too big to fit through the leg openings, so I wound embroidery floss around his feet to bind them really tight to fit through. Then took the floss off. Worked like a charm! The suspenders Were 3/4" strips folded and top stitched like bias tape. The bow ties is from my doll die.)

And here's Joanna...She always looks so simple and cute in her floral dresses. They come in handy in the hot Texas summers! (This little moose dress was made using my sizzix die. The bodice is the same body pieces as the moose only shortened a half inch. I rolled the top neckline down and left the side seams open just a bit for the arms to go through. Then I added a little ruffled skirt to the bottom, and the opening in the back allows me to switch her dress as often as I please.)

Thanks so much for stopping by and thank you especially to Amy and Pat for including me in this blog hop. It's always fun to play with new fabrics and be crazy inspired by them. If you haven't seen the Heartland Fabrics Pat designed for Art Gallery Fabrics, you have got to go take a look at all of them. They are all gorgeous!

Disclaimer: Although I received this fabric for free, opinions are always my own. There are no affiliate links. 

Monday, November 7, 2016

A Foxy Giveaway

Good afternoon and Good morning depending on your time zone...

I have a fun announcement to share. Sizzix is hosting an awesome Kid Giddy Fox Die giveaway on their Facebook page. You can click on the link above for all the details. But while you are here...check out some of the awesome things the Kid Giddy Fox die can do!

The Fox die comes with all the pieces you need to make the Party fox (as shown above). The hat can be made into a witches hat, or a Santa hat too and the balloons can be sewn onto some cardstock for some cute birthday cards (or other special occasion). Of course you can make him without all the bells and whistles too (as shown below) - a perfect friend to play out in the yard with during the fall season...but that is not all.
You can also mix and match the Fox and Kid Giddy Doll die pieces to make even more combinations. Crazy fun right?! I love using the Fox arms and legs on the doll die (like I did on the Bubbles Doll below) and using the Fox body for a fuller figure (like a Santa doll). They can mix and match perfectly because the neck width is the exact same.

Here's the Santa Doll (the body and his hat are both from the Fox die).

There are truly so many possibilities with the Kid Giddy Fox die and even more when used with the Kid Giddy Doll die. So head on over to the Sizzix Facebook Page for your chance to win my Kid Giddy Fox Die!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ugly Christmas Sweater Block Sew-a-long

Good evening everyone!

I know it's a bit late to get this Ugly Christmas Sweater sew along started - but it has to start today...I just can't wait anymore. Getting home from market and quilt market prep is causing a bit of chaos in my brain. I didn't have time to get the post all ready before I left and slept all the way home. But the wait is over.
Ready for all the details?
I want to make myself a Christmas quilt. I decided I wanted to make a slew of "Ugly Christmas Sweaters" after I designed this pattern last year, but haven't had the time to get started. I figured with the help of many good friends, and the accountability of everyone watching, I just might get it done. If you want to sew along with me, I would love that. Each of the designers will post a picture of their block on Instagram on their allotted day as I'll be posting mine too. You don't have to make an entire quilt, and it doesn't have to be Christmasy, I just hope you'll have fun.

There will be a weekly prize - a gift certificate to a different online fabric shop each week. Each day you post a picture of your sweater, you are entering for a chance to win the prize of the week. These are the awesome online shops:
Weekly Ugly Sweater Block Sponsors

At the very end of the sew along...there will also be a grand "present" generously provided by the many designers listed in the red present box below. Gifts may include physical items or digital downloads which means happy mail for days and days!

Each time you post a picture of your sweater, you are entering for a chance to win the prize of the week or the grand present at the end. The more times you post a picture of your sweaters on Instagram (tagging me, the designer of the day and the online fabric sponsor of the week) while also using the hashtags #uglysweaterblock and #kidgiddy, the more chances you have of winning. Winners will be chosen at random and chances of winning will depend on the total number of entries each week and at the end. ((No purchase necessary - for your chance to win without sewing, you can repost my sweater pic each day, tagging and giving credit accordingly))
UglySweaterBlocks sewn by @LiasHandmades on Instagram
If you don't already have the "Christmas Sweater" pattern - you can purchase it in my Kid Giddy Craftsy shop, or my Kid Giddy Etsy shop (please purchase from Etsy if you are international for VAT purposes). If there is anything I've missed, I will edit this post. My brain is still market mush - so my apologies in advance.

Thank you so much for joining in on the fun. I can't wait to see all of your #uglysweaterblock pics! If you have any questions - please let me know.

Disclaimer: I received some fabric over the years and recently from various manufacturers as noted. Some fabrics are also my own. Opinions are my own, and there are no affiliate links. Thank you.