Monday, February 9, 2015

Kid Giddy Gnome Swap

Do you love gnomes like I do? I'm so excited to finally get this Kid Giddy Gnome Swap together. I've only participated in 3 mini quilt swaps (I'll post some photos soon of the mini quilts I made) - but never hosted or ran one myself.  I have a huge love of gnomes (hence the one on the front cover of my book) and sewing, so these two things together, are quite perfect in my mind! I also love getting mail and sending it's a win win all around.

This Gnome Swap idea was actually inspired by Angie from Gnome Angel. Last year I saw some gnome fabric she had posted on IG and had to ask her what fabric it was. She offered to send me a little so of course I wanted to send something back.  It quickly became a very little one on one gnome swap. Since then things have been crazy, and as much as I wanted to get a gnome swap together, I've been working on Sizzix deadlines and many other things. No worries though, the wait is over and now we can all play together. Yay!

If you are interested in participating, please click the photo above which will take you to the Google Doc to sign up. Sign ups will be open from Feb 9th - Feb 17th and hope to have partners assigned by Feb 20th. because of the huge influx of swaps going on, we are all busy, and of course Quilt Market in May, swaps will go out by June 1st for International, and June 8th within the US. Choices for making and receiving are: Mini Quilt (No side is larger than 20"), Stuffed Doll, Tote Bag, Pouch Apron, Ornament, Toy, or anything.

I am hoping there won't be any huge hiccups, if there are - we shall cross that bridge when we get to it. I have one willing moderator as of right now (thanks Angie), so if you'd like to be one also, and help out that would be awesome. There is a place on the form to advise me, so don't be shy.

I would be so grateful if you would share the photo above on your social media outlets and use the hashtag #kidgiddygnomeswap and #gnomeswap to spread the word. (You can also visit my Kid Giddy IG account and repost my image - if that's easier.) FYI - the Gnome Image above is my gnome paper piecing pattern which can be found in my Craftsy or Etsy shop. If you are in the UK - please contact me prior to purchasing as I have not set up my VAT solutions yet. If you'd like to purchase it - I'll get on the band wagon and get it done for you. Thanks!

Thanks so much for visiting. If you are new to my blog, please be sure to click the follow button on the right, sign up for my emails (clicking the link below), and all that good stuff. Happy sewing!

Monday, December 15, 2014

American Patchwork and Quilting Podcast with Pat Sloan

Hi everyone,
I'm excited to let you know that I will be a guest today (at 4pm EST) on the American and Patchwork Quilting Podcast. I'll be talking with Pat Sloan on all things Sewing Tales and sew much more.

You can find out more about Pat Sloan and listen to her previous podcasts by visiting her website at Creative Talk Network.

Thanks for tuning in this afternoon and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Big Sizzix Secret

I'm so excited to officially announce today, that I am a Licensed Designer with Sizzix, Ellison.

I have pondered this post for the past 3 years. Wondering if it would ever happen, and if so, when. It all started with a crazy idea 3 years ago, a couple of phone calls and many emails. We officially met at the Craft and Hobby trade show where I had my chance to pitch the deal and continued building the relationship from there. These Sizzix folks have been so awesome to work with and I'm excited to be a part of their amazing team.
I can't go into specifics just yet, but will have more awesome details in April or May 2015 just before Quilt Market. In the meantime, I have a slew of fun projects for you to make, that I will be sharing on the Sizzix blog starting in January with some of their basic die shapes. I feel truly blessed with this opportunity and look forward to sharing more with you next year.

If you haven't signed up to receive my newsletters, please click on the link below. I'll be sharing info, tips, and other fun stuff next year. Thank you for celebrating with me.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kid Giddy Paper Piecing Patterns

Throughout this year I have ventured down many a new path to try new things, and discovered the fun of paper piecing. It's the mother of all inventions - when you need something - you create it. I'm not saying I created the art of paper piecing. I only created an Anchor, for a mini quilt I was needing to make, and decided to bite the bullet and buy EQ7 to try making one. I'm sure there were some online - but that's not my style. I'm way more stubborn than that and had to just make it up as I went along.
I enjoyed the Anchor challenge so much, I kept going and have continued to create more paper piecing patterns that are now on Etsy and my new Kid Giddy Craftsy store. I'll be uploading new ones as I finish making the samples and mapping out the PDF's.

If you make a mini, quilt, bag or pillow or anything from one of my patterns, I'd love to see it. Please email me using the contact button above, or tag me on social media to share your pics with me. If you have a special request, let me know, I might be able to make you a paper piecing pattern too.

This year has been an interesting one, busy and full of twists and turns. Next year is sure to be more exciting as I reveal my biggest and longest lasting secret ever. It's a project I've been working towards for the past 3 years.