Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fussy Cutter Hexie Pincushions

I love seeing friends come out with awesome books, especially if it involves fussy cutting. I've always been a fan of cutting particular pieces of fabric with little cats or dogs or bunnies on them to highlight special images in my projects. Angie Wilson from Gnome Angel created an entire book "Fussy Cutters Club - A Bootcamp for Mastering Fabric Play" all for the love of fussy cutting.

There are 14 projects and I decided to make the "Hexy Pin-Up Pincushions". The largest pink one below is the actual size that is in Angie's book. Isn't it so cute?

Since I don't have any pincushions, I decided to play with my printer settings to make one at 75% and one at 50% too. Here's my whole stack, some still need a few more hexies to be attached to some of the other itty bitty cushions.

They were all so fun to make and I love Regina's little bunnies and cats and love how they look on the pincushions. Now I just have to be sure I don't poke them with pins.

If you haven't tried fussy cutting yet, and are not sure where to start, Angie's book is a great place to jump off from. She provides all the tools and tricks of the trade in one well packaged bundle. Even a Fussy Cutters Manifesto!

Want to see what everyone else on Angie's book tour is making? Check them out below:
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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Kid Giddy Sizzix Fall Fashion Maker Challenge

Hey everyone - Sizzix and I are so excited to announce the Kid Giddy Sizzix Fall Fashion Maker Challenge! Back in May I released 3 new Sizzix dies specifically for those really cute and fun 18" dolls! I've made a few outfits using the two Sizzix Kid Giddy 18" Apparel Dies and now we want to see what you can come up with! Maybe an outfit identical to a child's first day "back to school" outfit, something inspired by a couture fashion show, project runway or even a halloween costume? The skies the limit and I want to see how far you'll go! Here are the two dies included in the challenge!

The 18" Doll Apparel Tops:The pattern pieces included on the 18" Doll Apparel Tops die are so versatile you'll be surprised at how many different things you can sew with them. The project sheet includes instructions on how to make a Jacket, Reversible Tank Dress and a T-shirt. However - I'm going to show you this week some other really fun things you can make with these same pattern pieces, all very different and all very fun.

The 18" Doll Apparel Bottoms:
The pattern pieces for the 18" Doll Apparel Bottoms may only have 3 pieces (the pants panel and two different pockets) to make pants, shorts and capris, but again, I'm going to show you so many other things you can make using this same die with small tweaks.

Did you see my sneak peek I shared on social media last week? Remember this "giddy"patch I free motion quilted for fun?

You can find my Kid Giddy dies on and these two new dies along with the new mini backpack die also in my Etsy shop. I have a limited number of dies here in my studio and am offering an awesome Doll Apparel/Backpack Bundle deal with a free gift (fyi: backpack is not  a part of the maker challenge) and free shipping in the U.S.! Don't miss out on this really great deal - I only have a limited number - so don't hesitate to grab it now while you can!

I truly am excited about these dies and can't wait to see all the different Fall Fashions you guys come up with these Kid Giddy Sizzix 18" Apparel Dies. Please be sure to tag me on social media (Kid Giddy: on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!) and join me here this week for tons of fun. For more information and all the details about the Kid Giddy Sizzix Maker Challenge - please visit the Sizzix blog.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Unconventional Mini French Bull Dog Quilt and a Pug

Hi everyone - I'm excited Christopher from The Tattooed Quilter asked me to be included in his Unconventional Mini Quilt hop to celebrate his Blue Carolina fabric with Riley Blake. I designed this French Bull Dog block using the Electric Quilt EQ7 program based on his sweet Edie puppy when his fabric was releasing for market.

Although I love a great block with lots of white behind it - I loved this challenge because it makes you think outside of the box and makes you work really hard on that binding! This puppy was no exception. Who says a puppy block can't be turned into it's own mini without all the extras? I'd even say you could use it as a mug rug - but who would want to smother that face with anything other than kisses?! Then of course there's the option to make it super sized and make it a sweet area rug, or huge wall hanging. So many options!

Even though there's no details, I love the back too where you can focus on the general shape of the French Bull Dog.

Here is the original 10" x 10" block. She'd make a cute all over quilt, but also an unconventional but wickedly cute mini!

Because I had so much fun with the French Bull Dog Block, I decided to design an entire dog series with it. Next up...the Pug. I mean seriously - little Prince and Princesses? Bow ties and crowns?
Thanks so much for stopping by and thank you especially to Christopher for including me in this blog hop. It's always fun to play with new fabrics and be crazy inspired by them as I have been with your prints!. If you haven't seen the Blue Carolina fabrics Christopher designed with Riley Blake Fabrics you have got to go take a look at all of them and stock up while you can. They are all gorgeous! After you make some French Bull Dog and Pug Dog blocks of your own - I'd love to see them. Please be sure to add #kidgiddy and #dogblockseries to your post.

Disclaimer: Although I received this fabric for free, opinions are always my own. There are no affiliate links. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Daylight Company Brand Ambassador

I've been up to a little something and I couldn't be more excited about it. Quilt market is always fun, but it's even more fun when you can connect with a group of folks with an awesome product like Daylight Company and instantly hit it off.

Remember that pic I just shared recently of my Sizzix Applique Doll block up on my studio window so you can see the seams better and make sure they are all tucked in? Here it is below...

Well, mama's got a brand new toy and no longer has need for taping anything to any window.

If you haven't heard of the Wafer Lightbox yet - you have to check it out. This Wafer light box is so thin and portable and amazing! My mom used to make her own (huge) light boxes (because she was an art teacher but also worked at the Color Place and did layouts and such, and taught kids how to make their own). But I have never had time for that, nor have I ever had the tools to make one or space to keep it.

I walked into their booth at market and started asking loads of questions because I wanted to leave market with one in my hands. Then some friends came up and it was an instant party. Nicole from Modern Handcraft was there because she is one of their Brand Ambassadors and the more we talked the more I knew I wanted to work with this company. I'm excited to say I am now one of the Daylight Company Brand Ambassadors too and I just had to make them a little block of their Daylight Bulb Logo to say thank you. I wanted to capture the general color in the fabric, but also the glow of light in the logo. The bright spot was improv so they can show customers at shows some of it was paper pieces and some was sewn prior to starting the block.

I did a little Instagram story showing how it can be really bright or just a little bright which is great because during the day there is so much light in my studio it's hard too see unless the tablet is really bright. But at night - I won't need it at 100%. I'll try to see if I can upload that here.

I hope you'll have to check out all of the other lamps and lights they also have on the Daylight Company website - I'm eyeing one of their floor lamps now that my eyes are having trouble seeing tiny needles and hexies in the dark. Please be sure to sign up for my emails to get info about new patterns, new Sizzix dies, future sales or coupons and other fun stuff.