Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Book: Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love

I have tried writing this post over and over, and every time I write it, it sounds boastful, or silly, or crazy, or weird to me. Maybe it wouldn't to you - I don't know. But I've never done this before - I've never written a book and don't know the "right way" to promote it. Is there a right way? Is there a way to shout out from the roof tops how excited I am, without sounding boastful?

Having written a book is like giving birth to a baby elephant. It has consumed my life for the most part of 18 months and I am overjoyed with the results. It feels like old news to me - but for most of you, it is all brand new, and I hope you will love it like I do.

In the coming weeks and months - I will be doing a host of giveaways, and sharing real stories that inspired many of the patterns, so please come back often. I hope you will buy the book (it's available for pre-orders on Amazon as well as on Barnes and Noble) and sew along with me. When my Etsy shop re-opens I will be offering signed copies for sale.

If you have already purchased a copy of my book - I thank you from the bottom of my heart! It means so much to me that all my hard work is being accepted.

I'd like to publicly thank Heather Bailey for writing the foreword. Sewing pattern books don't always have a foreword, but I prayed and asked her to write one for mine and she said yes! She's such an amazing person! If you don't know her - check out her website and learn more about her. She's also hosting a ton of giveaways this month to celebrate her birthday and giveback to all her fans - you don't want to miss out! 

Have a wonderful week!


yours truly dear said... [Reply]

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! So happy for you :) It's an amazing accomplishment, you should definitely be proud of it! And don't worry, this post didn't come off as any of those silly things, it's awesome. Congrats! :)

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]

Thanks Jess! I can't wait to hold it and cuddle it! Maybe even swaddle it once or twice! Lol!

waggonswest said... [Reply]


Sue Niven said... [Reply]


Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]


Thank you! And thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]

@Sue Niven

Thanks Sue for the congrats and stopping by to leave a comment! -kg

coffeelizard said... [Reply]

Congratulations on the book, Kerry. I found your blog via Heather Bailey. I put my name in the hat for her draw of your book and I won her Instagram draw. Thank you for expressing your joy. It was in no way boastful ! It was your feelings after taking investing the time, skills and talents you have to be compiled into book form. I think it's lovely and hope to be able, one day to get my own copy as I was enamored with the cool lob-stah you came up with. I love your part of our beautiful portions of landscape to visit , but alas, I L❤VE San Diego too much to move.

Warmest appreciation for all the cools stuff you do, make and share,
Becki Coffman

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]

Hi Becki - congrats on the IG/HB win! That's awesome! If you are going to Fall Quilt Market - I'll be doing a book signing on Sat afternoon. If not - when I re-open my Etsy shop, I will be offering signed copies of my book.
I lived in Cali for a very brief part of my life - but wasn't old enough to remember it enough. I'd love to spend a summer there and see what ideas it could spark. Thanks for your sweet comment! @coffeelizard

Bridget Janne said... [Reply]

I can't wait for your book to get here! I'm excited to see all your adorable patterns, and start working on some Christmas gifts.

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