Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sewing Tales Book Blog Hop: Day 2 and Gnome Cape with Satchel

It's Day 2 of the Sewing Tales Book Blog Hop and despite the mornings getting colder and colder up here in Maine, things are heating up in here in the kid giddy studio. It's not snowing yet outside, but my daughters are asking for it already. So on this chilly morning, I have 4 new bloggers to book hop along with, and another Sewing Tales Book Bonus Project to keep you warm.

We've even been listening to Christmas songs already *gasp* and I can't help myself and want to call this bonus project the "baby it's cold outside cape and satchel". As soon as the weather turns cold - we get the Christmas fever. I think it's hereditary?! You should play some holiday music while making this project. It will make it all the more fun. Click on the Bonus project image below to take you to the PDF Google Doc to print out.


Underneath the base of this triangle is where you want to place your elastic. I bought this Clear Dritz Elastic myself a long time ago thinking it would be useful someday. I was right. I love the fact that you can use it and won't see the elastic as you would if it were white, on this tan sherpa material. It works perfectly and I love sharing good things!
Any elastic will work really well if you stretch it as far as you can while you are sewing it down. You can add frog closures or ribbons on the two ends of the elastic for the cape if play will be involved, but I preferred not to on this one.  It was nice and snug and stayed on the gnome without falling off. I wasn't playing with it though - so use anything you have laying around.
Thanks so much for coming by and for supporting the blog hop and my book. I can't wait to see your Gnomes all dressed up for the winter weather. You can shrink/enlarge and re-size the measurements to make capes for the mice too or any other doll or animal (This is the same way I made the teeny tiny cape for the Queens in the Snow People Chess Set)! Make sure you stop in tomorrow for 4 new bloggers and another fun Sewing Tales Book Bonus project! If you haven't already, please click that link below and sign up to receive my newsletters. Have a great Tuesday.

Enter for your chance to win a copy of my book and a goodie box the size of Texas to go with it on my giveaway post! Giveaway ends November 14th.  

Thank you again to the Sewing Tales Blog hop sponsors. You can click on this image below and find out more information about each sponsor. Thank you Fairfield, Dritz, Fiskars, Bosal & FreeSpirit.


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