Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Sew Plush Planner Sew Along Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Kid Giddy Sew Plush Planner sew along! To make things a little easier in this post - I'm only going to show you the zipper pages of one of the planners I'm working on. This can be a super hard section, especially if you don't like zippers, but I'll also share some tips to simplify. If you want to see a video of all the original SewPlushPlanner features - check it out here...in this post
Just to quickly revisit some details...if you have not yet purchased a copy of the Sew Plush Planner from my Kid Giddy Etsy shop, you can do so here.... Whatever you do, please do not share your purchased pattern with someone else as it will upset me greatly. Please abide by my copyrights. Thank you! The Sew Plush Planner pattern will also come with some cute Bullet Planner Page blocks that are fun foundation paper piecing blocks to sew and use on the inside of your Sew Plush Planner if you'd like, or as it's own mini or quilt. All photos should be shared on Instagram using the hashtag #sewplushplanner.

Here's the Schedule we will follow:
Week 1 - Cover
Week 2 - Pages 1/2 and 3/4
Week 3 - Pages 5/6 and 7/8
Week 4 - Pages 9/10
Week 5 - Pages 11/12
Week 6 - Assembly

Pages 5/6 and 7/8 are the zipper pages, but before we get to those we have to make our little tabs as I made and chain stitched in the photo above...follow the cut out instructions in the pattern to make those and then place them on your front pages like so...it's easier to place them like this so you don't have to worry about some crazy mathematics to be sure they are evenly spaced. Be sure there is a little room at the top on the first page and a little at the bottom on the last page for seam allowances. Don't you just love how these Sunprint 2019 fabrics from Alison Glass play so nicely together?!
Once you have the tabs evenly spaced, pin them in place. One tip already to simplify your Sew Plush Planner is to not make tabs. You can use ribbon, labels, selvage, etc. or just leave them off completely and not have tabs at all.
Put aside all of the other pages you don't need right now - and just keep out pages 5/6 and 7/8. Place them as show below with zippers pinned in place. On the left side is my zipper pouch using the 5/6 pages and on the right is my zipper pouch using the 7/8 pages. If you really are phobic of zippers as I used to be (seriously I avoided them at all costs!), please consider giving them a try. If you really can't find yourself moving on from that fear - try hook and loop tape! It would work really well here.
I can't repeat too much info that is in the Sew Plush Planner instructions - copyrights - but wanted to give you some colorized assistance! The photos from here on out are for the spreads. That means the zipper pouches are sewn together, not as individual pouches. To sew them as individual zipper pouches, please read the instructions shown in the pattern. If you lay out your pieces as follows - take the top and switch it to underneath, then sew the left side (the left side of the floral print to the opposite side of the pink zipper).
If If you still need more help, I can upload a quick video in the Kid Giddy Sewing Patterns facebook group for reference. Just let me know! After the step above sew on your lining pieces. To simplify - don't add a lining. Truly easier!
I added a top stitch as you'll see in the photo below...but don't recommend it. It's not written in the pattern and has caused my zipper ends to stay tucked in a little more than I prefer. Once the pieces are connected as follows (the white lining is hidden underneath and attached to the pink zipper on the magenta word print side...and also to the orange zipper underneath the orange word print side) you can then sew it into the tube as further below. Before continuing, unzip both zippers a little bit, to be sure one is unzipped enough for turning right side out.

If your zipper spreads look like this inside out...you did it right. Now you find the opening on the liner and and gently pull the zipper pouches right side out.
Give the zipper pouches a good press and then they are done and ready for assembly week. Next week we will talk about sewing with mesh and vinyl. Be sure to share your Sew Plush Planner sew along pics with me on instagram. Tag me @kidgiddy on the photo and use the hashtags #sewplushplanner and #kidgiddy in the captions! I'm truly looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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Disclosure: I received some Alison Glass fabric from Alison to use at my discretion. Expressed opinions are always my own. There are no affiliate links.


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