Monday, November 23, 2009

Busy Monday: Need Labels?

I've had a few people local and otherwise, ask where I got my labels from. So today is label day.

Esther at Specialized Sales Corporation has been hooking me up with labels since I first ordered my Tuck 'n' Go labels in 2005. After our initial contact, she sent me a package of different label options and also various hangtag options to choose from. My husband designed them and provided the art work, and after much deliberation, we picked just the right colors and just the right materials and came up with these....They are woven labels with polyester threads that are heat cut so no adhesives are used to seal the edges (for those concerned with the CPSIA). The heat does the job. The standard care labels were printed with inks that do not contain lead contaminates (again for those concerned with the CPSIA). All the labels I have purchased from her, come pre cut and folded in long skinny boxes ready for a new home.

If you need labels, give her a call today! Let her know Kerry @ Kid Giddy sent you - tell her I said hi! She does have a minimum of 1000 units per order. Please be sure to ask all your questions. If you are concerned about the CPSIA in your labels/hangtags etc, please be sure to address those concerns with her prior to placing an order.

This is not a paid advertisement. Kid Giddy can not be held liable for any labels you order from SSClabels and affix to your products.


Unknown said... [Reply]

Wow! Those labels look really great!

Taylor said... [Reply]

I've been wondering where I could get these! Thanks.

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