Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Edible Wednesday: Pomegranate

This is one of the most amazing fruits. Recently I bought 5 poms because all the other fruits are no longer in season and I have to get my antioxidants from somewhere!!! So since i still had one, I thought I'd share this awesome fruit with you today. If you've never had a Pomegranate, please PLEASE go out and get one today to try!!! It looks weird inside, but the taste will send you back to the store for more!

To Prepare: I cut a little slice of the skin - not too deep - all the way around and break the fruit in half. Keep tearing little bits of the skin off and "knocking" the arils into a bowl. Please don't wear white or any other light color if this is your first time. The juice will stain your clothes for sure! When I have finished knocking out all of the arils, I give it a cold rinse to get any little bits of the "flesh" out of the bowl.

To Eat: Grab a spoon! Ok - no really - you can put it on top of a salad, in many cooking dishes and maybe even in a drink or too...I don't drink - so when I say that - I'm talking smoothies here people!

If you want to know more about this fruit, or find some great recipes (I've never had them in a bowl long enough to find a recipe)...check out the POMwonderful website. I'm sure they also have a boat load of information on the history of the pomegranate, but if they don't - wiki does! And check it out - they have a POMwonderful contest going until Nov 30th - you can win $4,000!!!

Have a great juicy pomegranate day! k (all the pomegranates in these photographs have been devoured!)

(and just in case you are wondering...this is not a paid advertisement!)


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