Friday, November 20, 2009

Giddy-Up Friday: Doll House Fun

In honor of my youngest daughters up coming birthday, I'm posting a drawing I did really quick of her doll house. I needed to know what colors she wanted for the rooms before going to school, so I drew this so she could color it in before leaving and I could paint it while she was gone. (I don't want her to know it might be ready for her birthday...Monday - I keep saying it may not be ready until Christmas!) Now it's here to share it with all of you.
If anyone wants to color it in - and send a copy of it back to me via email, I will let the birthday girl pick out her favorite version and post it here with the original drawing. You can as creative as you'd like. Draw what your family does on Thanksgiving (she was our turkey baby). We brought her home on Thanksgiving day 5 years ago! So color it in - draw some pictures - draw the thanksgiving day parade outside the window...go the contact link above ....yeah up send me the picture!

And if you like my blog, or better yet love my blog, would you please leave me a comment somewhere! I often worry I'm posting to space - not sure anyone is out there reading! So comment here if you like this sort of I know to add more like this! Comments are GOOD! Thanks! and have a great weekend!!! kg


Alix said... [Reply]

Haha, I love your blog! Keep posting!

mommyof2tuties said... [Reply]

I am soooo enjoying finding your blog. Such a good read with awesome ideas. Thanks for the time you put in it.

Unknown said... [Reply]

Do you have pictures of the finished doll house? I'm in the middle of painting one my husband built for my niece.

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