Friday, March 4, 2016

Banner Adventure Swap Recap and Winners

So remember a long long time ago...I started up this Banner Adventure Swap with Christopher (@the_tattooed_quilter), using April Rhodes fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics...yeah, I remember it too.

I know - this post has been a long time coming, and long overdue. Just when you think a swap is going to be a smooth ride and easy peasy, things go wrong, packages are delayed or simply not showing up - ever. After almost a month of emails galore (during the busiest holiday time of year), all packages were delivered and one Angel Swapper (Cocosiz thank you!) was assigned, accepted and the task completed. Then my computer bit the dust.

Well I'm happy to say I'm typing on my fixed computer now and can finally...finally let you all know why we asked you to tag one final pic of your Banner Adventure Swap piece with the #finalbannerswapentry hashtag. You all know it was a challenge to incorporate some crazy different element, and where there is a challenge, there must surely be a prize to be won at the end.

You can click back to the original Banner Swap Adventure post to find all of the details, but here were the most important aspects of the challenge:

The Official Details for the Bound Banner Adventure Swap  
1) You MUST use April Rhodes fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics. It can be fabric from any of her lines, but only her lines, and must be pieced or appliqued, and quilted where applicable.
2) Size requirements: This is for a banner - not a mini quilt. It must be a rectangle no larger than 8" x 16". It can be vertical or horizontal.
3) You MUST incorporate one of the following: feathers, yarn, leather, etc. (think April Rhodes).
4) Because it is a banner - it must be able to hang, so it MUST contain a way to hang it. Think driftwood, rod or other cool factor.
5) We have decided to not allow extras. No candy, supplies, etc. with your banner. We feel this will require all participants to focus on the banner itself and really put in their best effort. Not to mention cost of shipping (overseas) can be crazy. Please respect this.


First of all we would like to thank our lovely sponsors (Sew to Speak, Finch Sewing Studio and Fancy Tiger Crafts) for providing gifts to give to the 3 winning banner makers. We greatly appreciate their generosity! I'm quite jealous of these awesome gifts.

Second of all we would like to thank everyone for participating in this swap. It was so amazing to see all of the different banners that were created. Without further delay - here are the winners of the Banner Adventure Swap.

Our 1st Place Banner (chosen by April) was made by HollyGetsQuilty, showing off some mad quilting and weaving skills! Sew to Speak is giving Holly a first place prize gift and Finch Sewing Studio is giving her a $50 online gift certificate.

Our 2nd Place Banner (chosen by April) was made by Sariditty. Her use of the hoop and many other elements in her banner were outstanding and proved to be totally unique and most creative. Sew to Speak is giving Sariditty a second place prize gift and Fancy Tiger Crafts is giving her a $25 online gift certificate. 

Our 3rd Place Banner (chosen by Christopher and Kerry) was made by Makkaroni_Art. Her banner shows that you can include, driftwood, wooden beads, leather buttons, pom poms, handstitching and so much more, and still have a very cohesive, inspiring look.
Congrats to our winners, and again thank you so much to everyone that participated in this very unique swap making it so exciting for Christopher and I to be a part of. I'd also like to thank our sponsors once again for their generosity, including Stitch Supply Co. and Pink Door Fabrics for providing a discount on their April Rhodes fabric stashes to all participants when this swap started. Thank you again to Christopher for all of your help with, and all of the awesome graphics for, this swap!

Please sign up for my emails to get info about new patterns, new dies, future sales and other fun stuff. I have yet to send out my first one - but I will soon and will surely include something fun.

Disclaimer: April sent me a little fabric for my banner that I didn't have, after starting up this swap. I otherwise didn't receive any product or offers from any of the sponsors, and opinions are always my own.


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