Monday, March 28, 2016

Kid Giddy in Where Women Create

Can someone please pinch me - I still can't believe it... I'm in Where Women Create Magazine.

In the late summer of 2011, I saw Heather Bailey on the cover of the WWC magazine. I had just met Heather briefly while attending my very first quilt market and had to get the magazine, soak it up and dream. Someday I thought, I'll be in this magazine. Not by way of prophecy, but more so a wish, or a goal, (and seriously high hopes). My craft room wasn't as pretty as the spaces in WWC, but it worked for me and as small as it was, it was a great way to start. I was proud of it and loved every inch. I tried to find Jo at the next CHA to see if she would be interested in my craft room, but that proved difficult.

I should've emailed her, but I ended up writing a book and began negotiations with Sizzix to have them produce a line of dies with me. At that time my husband and I also began major renovations in our home. The new studio was in the works and my once cute craft room became our make shift bedroom. My space was gone. After a long 6 months, the studio space was nearing completion so I decided to get in touch with Jo again at the next trade show I was attending. I met Jo Packham while attending CHA2013 during a random encounter in a hotel lobby. I think I acted like we were best friends...even though she didn't know me at all! lol. I decided to share my interest in having my then almost done studio shared in a future publication. After seeing Jo more often at quilt market, things clicked. I got an email from Jo after quilt market in May 2015, and the ball was officially in motion.

I lined up this local photographer (Kevin Brusie) that my husband had worked with on previous jobs and had him come to the studio. After all these years, regardless of how excited I was, I was so nervous and wanted to be on the other side of the camera.
Kevin asked me to go about my day and do things I would typically do in my studio.

I started cutting out some of my Sizzix Fox die pieces in one area, pinned a little and started sewing. He captured it all. Even the way I tend to stand at my cutting table every single (in summer when it's not freezing) and one foot behind the other.
There were so many amazing pictures that Kevin captured, which were shared in the magazine. These pictures in this post, we're not, but were some of my favorites so much so I had to share them.

We probably could've done a fun spread of just out-take and photobombing pictures. This one had us all laughing for a while. Kevin took a picture of this pin "Are you wearing space underwear? Cuz your butt is out of this world." on my magnetic board. The pin was from my retail days working at an Express store in the mall, 20ish years ago. All of the associates had to wear one of many different pins with a different pick up line. As Kevin was photographing the spur hanging around the neck of my 1/4 scale body form, someone thought to put the pin on the butt. So we did. I couldn't let this photo go unseen. Lol

We tried to coax our daughters out of hiding to get in a few pics, but they refused most of the day. Eventually, I got my oldest daughter to come hang out, and take a few pictures with me. Except...she remained a bit cynical and sarcastic in her smile to ensure the pictures wouldn't end up in the magazine.
We laughed about that for a while. She's a smart cookie.
I'm so grateful to Jo and her team at Where Women Create to give me the opportunity to share my space with everyone, and to share my story. I hope you'll pick up a copy of this issue at your local bookstore before it runs off the shelves. You can also get it on

For those of you that haven't had a chance to read Where Women Create, they are allowing me to giveaway a copy to one of my readers. But that's not all...they are also generously giving a copy of Where Women Create Business, and Where a Women Cook. Have you read them yet? Before recently, I hadn't read an issue of either.

I had this image of the CEO corporate world in WWC Business but was pleasantly surprised to find it's an extension of Where Women Create from the business side (and still all of the eye candy). In business we all go through ups and downs, we learn a lot in our journeys, and have a willingness to share those moments to help others. This magazine is chock full of business tips and pick me ups for those down days. It's proof we are not alone and there are always brighter days ahead. 

I used to love cooking before having kids. As my girls got a little older and were eating regular food, they became picky eaters and my desire to cook changed. Now being gluten free (not by choice) has me disliking food and my kitchen at all costs. I eat healthy, but I don't prefer to cook and be creative. Maybe this magazine is just what I need to get back into my kitchen. The stories and recipes have me wondering if I can quickly find the passion again.  

For your chance to win one of these three publications, find the above image on my Kid Giddy Instagram page for more info.

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Louise@ElsieMayandBertha said... [Reply]

Congratulations on appearing in Where Women Create. I've never read it myself but I have read the blogs of it her people who've been in it. Your studio looks fantastic and has so much light! I'm in an attic room with one window that's quite dark, so I'm a tad jealous of your light😀
Thanks for sharing.

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]

@Louise Oakes

Hi Louise,

Thanks so much for your comment. Our entire house used to be very dark and closed up. One of the first things we did, was invest in 5 skylights. It truly made all the difference. They actually have portal skylights too. So if you have limited space up above (from rafters or support structures) - you can get smaller ones that still provide a huge amount of light. One I know of is called Solatube. xo

Sharlene Thornton said... [Reply]

Hi. I don't think I told you this but when the magazine came out, I happened to see it on the shelf while in line at Joann Fabrics. I picked it up and was so absorbed that the girl behind had to kindly telling me to move up in the line. I told her, "see this magazine, see this woman, this is my former roommate and she's amazing." The girl ended up buying the magazine. She was totally jealous of your beautiful studio! I'm so proud of you! :)

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